RDR2 players demand action as hackers force Twitch streamer to watch racist content

RDR2 Red Dead Online krew promotional screenshot.Rockstar

Players are urging Rockstar Games to fix Red Dead Redemption 2 Online after hackers targeted a Twitch streamer with racist harassment in RDR2.

Despite releasing in 2018, the critically acclaimed RDR2 still has an active user base due to its Red Dead Online mode. The open-world multiplayer has particularly been a massive hit on streaming sites.

Fans of the western title were horrified, however, after a Twitch streamer revealed that hackers are forcing racist content into Red Dead Redemption 2. Users are begging Rockstar Games to fix the problem immediately.

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Warning: The following contains descriptions of actions that are incredibly offensive. Reader discretion is advised.

RDR2 Red Dead Online group screenshot.Rockstar Games
Hackers are reportedly harassing RDR2 streamers.

Red Dead Redemption 2 streamer harassed by hackers

Twitch streamer ‘MiltonTPike1’ brought attention to the harassment in a series of Twitters posts on March 21. The popular content creator pleaded with Rockstar to address the situation after explaining how hackers were ruining the game for streaming channels.

“I stopped playing Red Dead Online on-stream because script-kids would non-stop teleport streamers (like me) to one area, change everyone’s name to the N-word, dress up as KKK members, and burn/hang people, with all other players forced to sit and watch,” he wrote.

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MiltonTPike1 then revealed that hackers were also ruining RDR2’s single-player mode as well. “I found out today…that I can’t even play RDR2 *SINGLE PLAYER CAMPAIGN* because apparently, script-kids can now bombard you with malformed multiplayer invites which disconnect you and send you back to the main menu. Why does it work? Because it’s impossible to block multiplayer invites. Why????” the streamer exclaimed.

Twitch streamer tweets about RDR2 racist content and hackers screenshot.

Red Dead players reacted to the player’s experience, including Rockstar insider Tez2 who tweeted, “Hey Rockstar, you addressed this problem before with a background update. But somehow, it’s still a thing. Maybe time for another update?”

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The insider followed up with a second post and addressed MiltonTPike1 directly. “Unfortunately, there’s not much you could do without Rockstar intervening,” they said. “The whole “dress as KKK members” happened before & Rockstar addressed it with a background update. Surprised it still happens. However, Red Dead Online background updates are no longer frequent as they used to be.”

Rockstar insider Tez2 reacts to RDR2 hackers screenshot.

Other Rockstar fans responded to the harassment and shared their own experiences, such as one user who wrote, “I wouldn’t be surprised if it didn’t get fixed. This has been happening in GTA Online as well. Not as bad as the whole KKK stuff, but it’s been happening for so long with no fixes.”

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Another player said, “It’s kind of f**ked Rockstar Games would condone such behavior. There’s been many instances on RDR where crews would call themselves White Brotherhood and they don’t even get banned for it.”

Rockstar fans react to RDR2 streamer harassment screenshot.

MiltonTPike1 added that he was “super sad about” the situation as he’s been forced to stream his favorite game less and less due to hackers purposely targeting online creators.

The streamer’s experience disturbed fans of the western title who urged Rockstar Games to look into the harassment and fix it as soon as possible.

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