Insider claims Rockstar will release next-gen Red Dead Redemption 2 after GTA 6

RDR2 remasteredRockstar Games

A well-known Rockstar Games insider is claiming that the gaming juggernaut has plans to release a next-gen version of Red Dead Redemption 2 once GTA 6 is finally out.

Rockstar Games has been a bit more vocal recently in regards to what it’s working on as gamers anxiously await the first trailer for GTA 6.

On July 7, the video game company revealed that they’ve moved more development resources, such as those for Red Dead Online, towards the next entry in the Grand Theft Auto series.

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As such, fans of RDR2 have not had much to be happy about in recent times, even holding a “funeral” for Red Dead Online, but that may change at some point during this generation of consoles with an enhanced port of the wild west title.

Insider says next-gen RDR2 coming after GTA 6

Red Dead online new cosmeticsRockstar Games
Rockstar Games might finally end up releasing RDR2 on next-gen consoles.

Tez2 is a well-known insider whose leaks about Rockstar scrapping remasters of GTA 4 and RDR1 were backed up by Kotaku.

On July 12, in a post on GTAForums, he explained how his source clarified to him that an Enhanced Rockstar Editor along with Red Dead Redemption 2 on PS5 and Xbox Series X was still planned.

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“Just slowed down and likely to be picked up after VI,” he wrote, further adding that there is still a lot of references within files hinting at the Enhanced Editor.

A RDR2 remaster could come after GTA 6.

However, even though Rockstar might work on RDR2 again, don’t expect this to mean that GTA 6 is almost ready for release. As Tez2 pointed out to an eager forum user, that’s not the case at all.

“Not soon. Gonna take a long time,” he replied. “Rockstar might pick it up once we are closer to GTA 6 release. At which point, some parts of the team would have moved on from VI development and maybe go back to work on RDO.”

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Of course, there is no guarantee that Red Dead Redemption 2 actually ends up being ported, but it will be interesting to see what happens after GTA 6 is finally out.