Intense Chicken Chase Results in the Most Epic Ending to a Realm Royale Game Ever

Twitch streamer jesterlul recently picked up a victory in Realm Royale with one of the most hilariously nail-biting finishes you’ll ever see.

Released on June 5th for PC players, the early access version of Realm Royale is Hi-Rez’s answer to the current battle royale phenomenon and is performing well on Steam with thousands of active users every day.

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The Paladins spin-off doesn’t take itself too seriously and, much like Fortnite Battle Royale, offers a good balance of fun and skill-based play.

One of the most unique aspects of the game is the way that players turn into a comical chicken when downed. If you survive for 30 seconds in this new incarnation, you are automatically revived and able to start fighting again.

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Of course, the chickens often make for some comedy gold and jesterlul’s recent victory as one of the feathered creatures just might be the best so far.

Jesterlul and his opponent both get dropped and turned into chickens as the storm is closing in on them, and the race for survival is both hilarious and strangely nerve-racking at the same time:

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Jesterlul’s decision to block the enemy player as they tried to escape storm was actually a rather clever tactic, and the Twitch streamer’s celebration goes to show just how much it meant to him!

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If you’re wondering about his “I’m a legend” statements, he’s actually paying homage to the famous speedrunner called Ryan Lockwood who is well known for similar reactions when beating various records.