Five Streamer Plays That Show Off the Epic Potential of Realm Royale

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In battle royale games, as in many PvP-focused games, players live for the opportunity to outplay their enemies.

Victory might be the ultimate goal, but it’s those moments in which you beat the odds, or took down an opponent in a particularly spectacular fashion, that often stand out the most.

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Realm Royale offers plenty of opportunities for such moments, and opens the door to a variety of types of epic plays. The FPS elements mean there will always be room for mechanical monsters to shine, but the class system provides plenty of tools for the more cerebral player.

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Here’s a look at some plays that show off the various kinds of epic moments that can be made in Realm Royale.

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Voiiid’s Super Surfing

One of the distinguishing elements of Realm Royale is the class system, which offers each player a set of abilities that allow them to do more than just utilize the weapons on offer.

Some abilities have very obvious uses in combat, designed to deal damage in some manner or another. Others aren’t quite as direct, but open the door for some more creative plays.

Of the five classes in the game, the Warrior arguably has the least battle-oriented kit, despite what the name might suggest. Warriors don’t have any abilities that actually deal damage, instead focusing on utility such as healing and movement.

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In the right setting, however, those abilities can still be used to deadly effect. Streamer Voiiid found himself battling against one other player for a game win, fighting from a distance across two hills in the remaining habitable zone.

Voiiid got the better of the initial exchange but the terrain offered plenty of cover for his enemy to back off. Smelling blood, Voiiid used his Heroic Leap in combination with his Charge to launch himself over to the next hill, before using his momentum and the “sliding” mechanic of the steep gradient to carry himself all the way to his enemy to clean up the kill.

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Dyrus Doesn’t Need Stairs

Along the theme of using movement abilities to gain a combat edge, former TSM League of Legends pro ‘Dyrus’ used the Assassin’s abilities to gain the upper hand in a game-winning 1v1.

In this case it wasn’t to chase a weakened opponent, however, but to turn a disadvantage into an advantage while initiating the fight. With the fog closing in around a final tower at Sentinal Hold, Dyrus found himself facing an enemy with the high ground advantage.

Rather than take the stairway up, leaving himself vulnerable to his opponent’s superior positioning, Dyrus used a Concussion Bomb to throw himself high enough that his Blink would carry him up to the top of the tower, allowing him to catch his enemy off guard and clean up an easy victory.

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Tosan’s Perfect Wall

One of the results of the class system in Realm Royale is that it opens up a whole range of strategies and approaches to the game due to the abilities each class has. A smart player who knows their class kit well can outplay an enemy without having to rely entirely on a straight-up gunfight.

Streamer Tosan demonstrated how situational awareness and a well-timed ability can be just as powerful as good aim.

With the fog having restricted the playing area to just barely more than a single building, Tosan managed to get the jump on his opponent by mounting up for a quick flank, but wasn’t able to quite finish off his opponent.

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After the enemy fled, however, Tosan realized that he didn’t need to kill them directly. The fog was about to shrink again, and the only safe route would be back into the building that Tosan now occupied.

Rather than risk an outright duel, Tosan simply put up a wall in the doorway, leaving his enemy to the fog and securing the win by default.

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Taimou’s Forge Defence

Timo ‘Taimou’ Kettunen is a professional Overwatch player who competed for the Dallas Fuel in season one of the Overwatch League.

Though Taimou has played several roles in his time as a professional Overwatch player, he’s best known for his insane mechanics with the likes of Widowmaker and McCree, DPS heroes whose output relies entirely on incredible accuracy.

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It’s little surprise, then, that Taimou might favor the Hunter in Realm Royale, whose bow is arguably the most deadly and versatile weapon in the hands of the mechanically skilled. Taimou showed off just how powerful it could be while protecting a forge from multiple enemies, a perfect example of how, for all of the abilities in Realm Royale, sheer mechanical skill can still win out.

Jesterful’s Chicken Run

Finally, Jesterful proved that even as a chicken it’s possible to make game-winning plays. Having survived to the final two, Jesterful was dueling his last enemy for the game victory as the fog was closing in.

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The two traded blows, and were ultimately both able to turn each other into chickens, leaving them in a frantic dash away from the fog in the hopes of being the last one to time out.

Jesterful wasn’t going to leave things to chance, however. Seizing an opportunity to run across his opponent, he was able to step in front of him and block him into the fog, forcing him to take damage and eventually die, thus securing the victory for Jesterful.