Eunited Helps Out Realm Royale Streamer After House Fire

(L/R) PrinceDannyTV | eUnited

Eunited has come to the rescue of their competitive Realm Royale player and streamer, Daniel ‘PrinceDannyTV’ Santana, after a house fire.

July 23rd was a turbulent day for Daniel, as his girlfriend accidentally started a fire in his home while she was cooking in the middle of his stream.

Thankfully, both Daniel and his girlfriend were unharmed during the incident and the fire was quickly put out by the fire service.

Unfortunately for them and the other people living in the same house, when the residence was inspected, it was deemed unsafe for anyone to live in, meaning all occupants were forced to leave and had to find somewhere else to stay.

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Despite being left without a roof over their heads, Daniel spent the following hours looking for a way to sort out some accommodation for him and his girlfriend, and it looks like his organization came to the rescue.

Having only joined eUnited on July 18th as a competitive Realm Royale player and streamer, he’s new to the family but that didn’t stop them helping him out in his time of need.

Daniel shared an update on Twitter that he and his girlfriend will be staying at a motel until they can find somewhere new, thanking both eUnited and its General Manager, Dan ‘Clerkie’ Clerke, for their support during the turbulent time and highlighting the close-knit community of the organization.

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Following the incident, Daniel hasn’t yet announced when he will begin streaming and competing again, but it’s likely to be once he has a more permanent roof over his head.

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