Tzarina exposes Joao’s unseen “true colors” on Below Deck Down Under

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Tzarina opens up about what really went down with Joao on Below Deck Down Under. Allegedly, his “true colors” were exposed when the cameras stopped rolling.

According to Tzarina from Below Deck Down Under, there was a lot that went down behind the scenes concerning her relationship with Joao that fans never got to witness.

The chef took to her Instagram story the day after the season 2 finale to fill audiences in on the version of Joao that only came out when the cameras stopped rolling.

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Tzarina goes on to tell her followers that all of the improvement and maturity viewers witnessed with Joao was one big facade for the cameras. In reality, as she explains, his behavior was “narcissistic” and “manipulative.”

Tzarina from Below Deck Down Under reveals why she called Joao “fake”

According to the chef, there’s a reason behind why she called Joao “fake” during their disaster dinner date on Below Deck Down Under. While many fans were quick to call Tzarina out for not taking Joao’s growth into account, it turns out she had a good reason for criticizing his alleged lack of authenticity.

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“So I know I need to speak about Joao,” Tzarina explained on her Instagram story. “It was a really toxic situation and I should have listened to my gut from the beginning because when we filmed, he was absolutely incredible…”

She continued, later adding, “He said he wanted to be casual because he was meeting up with a girl after the season, in Sydney, and that I had to be okay with that,” she reveals. “And I was, so I was like, ‘yeah, casual, casual’… and then unfortunately, as soon as the cameras stopped, the real him came out. And the manipulation and the narcissism and the gaslighting… and I fell for it for a while,” she adds. “It got bad… It’s all in the past now. But these things happen I guess, unfortunately.”  

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For more Below Deck, stay tuned for an all-new season of Below Deck Med on Bravo.

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