Netflix reveals “a bug” caused the Love Is Blind reunion live stream failure

Love Is Blind reunionYouTube: Netflix

Love Is Blind creators Netflix has once again apologized for the major technical difficulties that appeared during the reunion episode of the show, with the streaming service confirming that it “has the infrastructure” to hold an event like that in the future.

Netflix’s Love is Blind has been a massive hit for reality TV show fans, with the current season amassing a giant audience and regular viewership. As a result, fans of the show were anticipating the reunion event for quite some time.

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Previously, Netflix announced that the reunion would be a live event rather than a pre-recorded episode like usual. Unfortunately, these plans quickly changed, as fans were unable to join the live reunion and view the link on April 16.

All across social media, fans were posting their frustration at being unable to access the reunion.

Netflix defend technical issues after Love Is Blind reunion failure

One user wrote, “So now instead of coming to Twitter to see if Instagram is down, I’m here seeing if anyone has been able to get into the live Love is Blind Reunion.”

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As a result of technical issues, Netflix decided to axe the live stream altogether, revealing in an official statement that they would be recording the reunion and uploading it to the platform. The reunion is now up on Netflix and available to watch, however, fans are still concerned about the major mishap from Netflix and what it could mean for the future of Love is Blind.

During today’s Q1 earnings call, co-CEO Greg Peters, cleared up the issue. Revealing that the live stream fail was “just a bug” that popped up during the streaming event.

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“From a technical perspective, we’ve got the infrastructure,” Peters began. “We had just a bug that we introduced actually when we implemented some changes to try and improve live streaming performance after the last live broadcast, Chris Rock, in March. And we just didn’t see this bug in internal testing because it only became apparent once we put multiple systems interacting with each other under the load of millions of people trying to watch Love Is Blind.”

With a new petition created by fans hoping to have Love Is Blind hosts Vanessa and Nick removed from the show, Netflix seemingly has a bit of work to do between now and the next season of Love Is Blind.

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