Love Island USA’s Leo wants to take next step in relationship with Kassy

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From moving in together to creating couples content, Kassy and Leo from Love Island USA Season 5 are still smitten.

One of the main couples that were formed from Season 5 of Love Island USA was Kassy Castillo and Leonardo Dionicio.

Even though a bombshell quickly turned Leo’s head — and later turned Kassy’s head — the two stayed together and finished the season as runner-ups after Hannah Wright and Marco Donatelli were chosen as the winners.

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Now that they have been out of the villa for several weeks now, it’s time to see if their relationship will actually hold up, or if it was simply Love Island adrenaline pumping.

By the looks of it, it seems as though they consider each other ‘the one’.

Kassy and Leo have spent time together since Love Island USA Season 5 ended.Instagram: kass.c
Kassy and Leo have spent time together since Love Island USA Season 5 ended.

Are Love Island USA’s Kassy & Leo still together?

On September 20, the couple spoke with Cincinnati Enquirer about their relationship and the next steps, which include moving in together.

Leo said, “I would gladly go live with her out in Texas, and then do school online and make content and stuff together, and spend every day with her because that is truly my best friend. Being here without her doesn’t feel right… I literally did everything with her. Trying to adjust to that is like a foreign feeling.’

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Kassy also jumped into the conversation and noted that the villa already gave them a taste of living together.

She said, “I know he would love Dallas and Fort Worth. I wouldn’t mind living with him because I lived with him already for what, a whole month and a half? But it felt longer.”

Fans are undoubtedly waiting for their couple content now.

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