Love Is Blind’s Cameron Hamilton responds to fans asking when he and Lauren will have a baby

Cameron and Lauren from Love Is Blind

Cameron Hamilton from Love Is Blind just shared that he is not for all of the baby questions.

Babies have been one of the main talking points in the Love Is Blind universe recently. 

After Bartise Bowden from Season 3 welcomed his first child a few weeks ago, fans of the show have been wondering which couple is going to have a baby next.

One of the fan-favorite couples from the entire series is Cameron and Lauren Hamilton, who got married back in Season 1.

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Cameron recently took to social media to address all of the comments from fans asking when they are going to have a baby.

What did Cameron from Love Is Blind say about baby questions?

A few days ago, Cameron posted a video on his Instagram talking down about people asking baby questions.

The reality tv star captioned the post and wrote, “Can we agree that it’s inappropriate to ask couples when they are going to have a baby? I made this video not just for the thousands of times Lauren and I get pressured, but for all the couples who undergo this same scrutiny.”

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The video was posted amidst Love Is Blind co-host Vanessa Lachey being under scrutiny for questioning the Season 4 cast about their baby plans.

But Cameron further made it clear that he wasn’t calling out Vanessa. He commented under his own Instagram post and wrote, “This message was not aimed at a specific person – we’ve been asked this question by thousands of people over the last few years, and so have millions of other couples.”

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The video has gotten a positive response from fans and currently has over 100,000 views. To stay updated on all things Love Is Blind and the upcoming seasons, make sure to check our page here.

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