Love Is Blind’s Aaliyah leaves Season 5 early after love triangle reveal

Je'Kayla Crawford
Aaliyah Love is BlindNetflix

Aaliyah, one of the single women looking for love, decided to leave Love Is Blind Season 5 after two exes got to be too much for her.

The wait is officially over: Season 5 of the popular dating show Love Is Blind has finally premiered on Netflix. 

For those unclear about the series, the show centers around a group of hopeful singles as they undergo a unique pod experience to find the love of their lives. 

Without seeing the other person, they get to make deep connections and ultimately decide if their blind bonds are enough to get engaged. If so, the couples get married in the final episode of the season.

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Season 5’s premiere was not one to miss, mainly because of the intense love triangle that formed within the first few episodes. 

Why did Aaliyah leave Love Is Blind Season 5? 

Aaliyah and Lydia from Love Is Blind Season 5Netflix

In Episode 3, contestants Aaliyah and Uche started to form a great connection. But, their love balloon quickly popped when Uche admitted that he had dated fellow contestant Lydia before joining the show. 

The next episode showed a jaw-dropping conversation between Aaliyah and Lydia, with Lydia revealing some unknown details about Uche. 

Caught up in the midst of Lydia and Uche’s romance drama, Aaliyah shockingly decided to leave the experiment early and admitted to ET that they were the main reason for her departure. 

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She said, “I had this gut feeling after really analyzing my interactions with Uche, Lydia, getting all the facts and things, or at least hearing both sides of that situation. Just decided I didn’t want to go into an engagement that way.” 

The two exes ended up running someone out of pods. Maybe they’re just destined for each other? 

To stay updated on Love Is Blind and the upcoming seasons, check our page here.

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