Jersey Shore fans call Mike Sorrentino an “inspiration” for sharing his sobriety journey

Molly Byrne
mike sorrentino of jersey shoreInstagram: mikethesituation

Mike ‘The Situation’ Sorrentino of Jersey Shore became emotional as he explained his sobriety journey in a new interview.

Mike Sorrentino’s addiction to painkillers was a close secret he kept to himself after an injury during Dancing with the Stars in 2010 caused him to start abusing pills.

Though he would go on to film Jersey Shore until 2012, Sorrentino was addicted behind the scenes, later admitting himself to multiple rehabs.

However, Sorrentino overcame his addiction in 2015 and has now been eight years sober.

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As his sobriety journey continues, Sorrentino has recently opened up with Nightline, saying that his mom and wife “saved” his life. 

Mike Sorrentino says his mom and wife “saved” his life the first time he tried heroin

After three stints in rehab, Sorrentino finally became sober from his pill addiction in 2015. Though his road to recovery hasn’t been easy, he luckily has his mom, Linda Sorrentino, and his wife, Lauren Sorrentino, by his side.

Sorrentino even claimed that both Linda and Lauren “saved” his life the night he spiraled out of control and tried heroin for the first time.

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Explaining to Nightline, Sorrentino revealed, “I was in a really bad place. I was broke. I was unemployed. I was months behind on my rent and I was depressed. I was looking to just cop some prescription painkillers. That’s what I was looking to do.”

However, when Sorrentino met with the dealer for painkillers, he was given something that could have very well ended his life instantly — heroin.

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After Sorrentino went back home with the heroin, he locked himself in his room and told his wife Lauren that he was tired and going to bed for the night. 

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Sorrentino then told himself, “Maybe I’ll just try it.” He proceeded to take two bumps of the heroin before he received a phone call from his mom Linda.

Explaining their conversation, Sorrentino said, “My mom’s like, ‘Are you okay?’ She had a feeling. And I said, ‘I’m fine mom, why?’ She goes, ‘I feel like something’s wrong.’”

Sorrentino continued, “I took that as a message from the Almighty and I put it down. And as I hung up the phone, knock on the door — a second angel.”

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Mike Sorrentino with his wife Lauren and two kids while they recently announced the pregnancy of their third child.Instagram: mikethesituation
Mike Sorrentino with his wife Lauren and two kids while they recently announced the pregnancy of their third child.

Sorrentino then became emotional as he recalled his wife Lauren stepping in to make sure he was okay, saying, “My wife was knocking at the door. So this is a very emotional moment for me. They saved me.”

After hearing of his sobriety journey, fans of Sorrentino have hailed the Jersey Shore star as an “inspiration.”

Fans have also commended Sorrentino for staying strong with his recovery, saying, “Be so proud of yourself, Mike. You’ve come a long way and we all love you and are so happy for you.”

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As for what’s next for Sorrentino, Jersey Shore: Family Vacation Season 6 will air another episode on November 16 at 8 p.m. EST on MTV.

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