Jaimee slams bad edit of her relationship with Culver on Below Deck Down Under

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Jaimee from Below Deck Down UnderInstagram

According to Jaimee, a handful of scenes that added context to her romance with Culver had been removed from the final edit of Below Deck Down Under.

Jaimee and Culver seemed like a terrible match throughout season 2 of Below Deck Down Under. Many fans were under the impression that Jaimee was unfair to her boyfriend throughout the season, and couldn’t understand why she chose to stay with Culver despite her apparent lack of interest.

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Yet according to the stew, there was so much that went down within her relationship with Culver that added necessary context to it all. Unfortunately, as Jaimee alleged, important moments from their courtship got cut out from the show.

From Jaimee’s perspective, her edit on the Bravo series made her seem like more of a bad guy than she actually was.

Jaimee from Below Deck Down Under thinks a lot was taken out of context with her and Culver’s relationship

In the last episode of season 2, Jaimee ended up cheating on Culver with Luka. While Culver was heartbroken over the whole affair, he chose to stick around with his girlfriend to make it work. Unsurprisingly, this painted Jaimee in a bad light.

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Yet according to the stew, there was more to the story than what was presented.

Jaimee further explained her side via Instagram.

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“Hi guys, I just wanted to jump on here regarding Below Deck,” she began on her Instagram story. “From what I’ve heard apparently there’s no reunion, I have no idea, but if there’s not I just want to say a few things.”

Jaimee continued, later adding, “I just want to say that I think Culver is a really great guy. I still do, and he’s a really funny, outgoing, genuinely good person. That’s what drew me to him.”

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She went on to explain how things got taken out of context. “Our interviews on Below Deck were hours long. So I said many, many nice things about him, but they just never got played. In saying that, I also went up to him before the finale and had a conversation with him about how things were going so fast… At this point, I’d only known the guy for three weeks. So I had a conversation with him and basically said that I don’t want to be in a relationship with him yet. Of course, that also never got played.”

As of now, Jaimee is in a relationship with someone new. She and Culver do not follow each other on Instagram, yet as Jaimee stated, she has nothing but positive feelings for her ex.

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Keep watching Bravo for more Below Deck Down Under.

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