Below Deck star Tzarina says she “cried about five times a day” on Down Under Season 2

Tzarina from Below Deck Down UnderBravo

It was the unconventional working conditions Tzarina experienced on Below Deck Down Under that made her break down.

The Below Deck franchise is not just a reality TV show filled with laughs and giggles-it’s insight into a day in the life of yacht crews.

Filled with drama and romance, Below Deck Down Under Season 2 was one of the most rollercoaster-esque seasons we’ve had thus far.

What also happened to be her debut on the show, Chef Tzarina Mace-Ralph was instantly put through the wringer. After bumping heads with Captain Jason Chambers and getting put into a messy love triangle, it’s a surprise she didn’t end up quitting.

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But for Tzarina, the real breaking point of joining the show has to do with the working conditions in the kitchen.

Chef Tzarina from Below Deck Down UnderBravo

Was Tzarina happy on Below Deck Down Under Season 2? 

On November 16, Tzarina was a guest on the Bad TV podcast and exposed what the kitchen was actually like on the yacht.

“The problem was that nothing worked. So there were two ovens, one of them definitely didn’t work. The other was temperamental, like ‘How are you going to be today?’ The hobs, some of them would work, some of them wouldn’t. My biggest challenge was that when you took something out of the oven, there was nowhere to put it,” she explained.

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In addition to not having a dishwasher, the reality TV star even revealed that she was cooking without any air conditioning most of the time because the AC unit was so powerful it would knock her items off of the counter.

“It was frustrating. I actually, something that I’m really grateful for with Below Deck, is the fact that I cried about five times a day in that galley. I’d open a cupboard, it’d just come off in my hand,” she added.

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