Below Deck Sailing Yacht star responds to fans calling engine failure “scripted”

Colin Macrae Below DeckBravo TV

Below Deck Sailing Yacht star Colin MacRae has responded to fans calling the recent engine failure shown in the current season “scripted”, clearing the skepticism up once and for all.

Below Deck Sailing Yacht is a thrilling reality TV show that has quickly taken on a cult following thanks to its drama, luxurious Yachts, and lovable stars.

So, when recent footage depicted what Colin describes as “a catastrophic failure” to the boats engines many fans commented on how scripted it seemed.

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Now, Colin MacRae, whose role on the show is Chief Engineer for the Yachts, has taken to Instagram to clear up any speculation of a staged show, detailing exactly what went wrong with the boat and how the incident was “catastrophic” and entirely real.

Colin MacRae responds to claims of scripted engine failure: “I can totally understand why”

The footage, albeit short snippets, shows the engine failing to turn over on one of the show’s large Yachts, with Colin assessing the fault and clearly looking stressed.

However, shortly after, fans took to the comments to show their doubts, with some claiming the engine failure was scripted.

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So, Colin issued a response to the skepticism on Instagram. He said: “Can totally understand why people would think this is staged, but I can assure you, a catastrophic failure of this magnitude nearly cost us the season.”

He went on to explain how “the crew literally join the boat a day before the first charter, and I had no reason to believe the engine would not run” which explains his frustration in the clips.

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Further on in the explanation, he fully addresses the failure and states that along with nearly costing the crew the season, “It was the most challenging season of my life” meaning we’ll likely see a lot more stress and quite a few ups and downs for the beloved star.

Many Below Deck Sailing Yacht fans took to the comments to express their understanding and agreement, with one explaining that “no one who’s ever owned any type of boat would believe that was staged for a second! Engine trouble is way too expensive, stressful, and risky to joke around about.”

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Others showed their support by stating how they “Never believed it was staged” with others highlighted “the real fear in your face and in Captain Glenn’s.”

From the footage and the statement by Colin, it’s clear that the Sailing Yacht crew have plenty to deal with in season four, with the engine fault only scratching the surface.

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