Below Deck Sailing Yacht cast terrified as chaotic engine problem happens again

Captain Glenn from Below Deck Sailing Yacht Season 4Instagram: @bravotv

Season 4 of Below Deck Sailing Yacht hits a major obstacle with yet another engine problem.

We are a few episodes into Below Deck Sailing Yacht Season 4, and a lot has happened already.

From the tension between First Mate Gary King and Deckhand Chase Lemacks to the interesting love triangle that fans weren’t expecting, viewers have been fueled with entertainment since day one.

And, it had been a minute since any real chaos occurred with the boat itself.

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But, in episode 7 of the season, it seems as though the yacht is going back to its old ways.

What happened to the engine on Below Deck Sailing Yacht?

Out of nowhere, in episode 7 the engine started to smoke while the crew and the guests were still on board. The smoke was so chaotic that the fire alarm started to blare.

After Colin determined what crucial mechanical part had broken, Captain Glenn frantically tried to find the part as quickly as possible. The entire crew did not seem to be happy with this new issue, especially Chief Stewardess Daisy Kelliher.

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Feel like deja vu? Probably because this same issue occurred on the premiere episode of this season. The yacht was forced to stay at the dock because of an engine problem, putting a stint on the entire first charter experience.

At the end of episode 7, the Captain was able to successfully get a new part to fix the engine, saving the day. The rest of the season can now continue as planned with the scheduled charters.

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If Below Deck Sailing Yacht returns for a Season 5, perhaps Captain Glenn should consider switching the show to another yacht. Because it seems as though the Parsifall III is on its last legs.

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