Below Deck fans disgusted by “close-ups” of crew hookups

below deck's gary, daisy, colin and mads hook upBravo

Below Deck has never shied away from showing moments where crewmates hookup, but fans are tired of moaning noises and close-ups.

The latest season of Below Deck Sailing Yacht has seen plenty of spice already with First Mate Gary and Stewardess Mads Herrera hooking up a few times while Daisy and Colin had a romantic moment themselves.

The boat rocked quite a bit in Episode 8 with a few intimate moments between the cast and the show made sure to capture the action by filming some of the scenes and giving viewers an earful.

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Unfortunately, this seems to have rubbed some fans the wrong way, and say they’re getting “grossed out” by the amount of sexual content.

Below Deck viewers cringe at “sexy scenes” with crewmates

In a post making rounds on the Below Deck Reddit, users lashed out at Episode 8’s ending with some thinking this week’s episode took things too far.

“Does anyone else feel disgusted by the super up close and personal sounding kissing and moaning noises when people hook up on BD?” one user asked. “I cringe whenever it happens, especially when they’re filming a closed door but you can hear them being intimate as if it’s right in your ear.”

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Colin and Daisy from Below Deck Sailing Yacht Season 4Instagram: @daisykelliher87, @parlayrevival_colin
Things are heating up on Below Deck, but fans aren’t thrilled.

Others shared a similar sentiment remarking, “This week it was bad. Whenever I hear something I just think of these people’s parents.”

“This season, it seems more flagrant than ever. Gary acts more like a frat boy than a yacht officer, someone in charge. He’s gotten to be pretty disgusting in my opinion. Don’t know why no one has shut him down yet,” voiced another viewer who has grown fed up with the First Mate.

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Viewers also took issue with the show pixelating in-between Mads’ lags as she got off her bunk and felt it was uncomfortable for both them and her.

Despite the awkward moments, fans also have a solution to the intimacy and close-ups and think that it would be best to transition from a sexy scene to a shot of Glenn Shephard eating snacks.

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