Below Deck Down Under fans have changed their mind about Joao after Tzarina U-turn

Following Joao and Tzarina’s disaster dinner date in season 2 of Below Deck Down Under, fans of the Bravo series are changing their minds about the bosun.

Fans of Below Deck Down Under have been reluctantly rooting for Joao and Tzarina’s relationship ever since their flirtation first kicked off. While their chemistry is undeniable, viewers of the hit Bravo series have still worried their romance will end in heartbreak.

Yet while fans initially assumed Joao would be the one to screw over Tzarina based on his past behaviors, the tables have seemingly turned after their disastrous dinner date in season 2, episode 16. Now, audiences are under the impression that Tzarina will be the one who sabotages their relationship.

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Below Deck Down Under fans are still baffled by Tzarina and Joao’s date

Throughout the course of Tzarina and Joao’s flirtation, the chef has had her guard up. Tzarina knew well of Joao’s history of screwing women over, considering he had done it to a good friend of hers in the past.

Yet forbidden fruit tasted the sweetest for the chef, and she ended up caving into her attraction toward Joao.

Evidently, she hasn’t allowed herself to cave in too much, because she still kept her walls up during their dinner date.

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Eventually, things heated up when Tzarina admitted to Joao that she thinks of him as “fake.” This led to a conversation about Joao screwing over her good friend. When Joao passionately defended himself, Tzarina’s instinct was to call him a “chauvinist” and “narcissistic.”

Needless to say, the date did not go well.

And while fans were initially under the impression that Joao would be the one to cause their relationship to crumble, audiences are now realizing that Tzarina is seemingly doing that all by herself.

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“She torpedoed the relationship, for reasons we will probably have to find out at the reunion,” one fan said on the Below Deck Down Under subreddit.

“I wish that Tzarina had just said to Joao ‘I know how you were with my friend and that’s making me really wary’ rather than just calling him fake,” said another fan of the show. “Love her, but I can see why that was a total slap in the face. I also don’t think he shouted at her.”

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They added, “There comes a point where either you have to be willing to accept someone has changed, or you have to say this is too much for me, and back away.”

Keep watching Below Deck Down Under on Bravo to see if Tzarina and Joao can salvage their relationship.

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