Ubisoft promise to fix Rainbow Six Siege’s “inconsistent” audio issues in Vector Glare hotfix

R6 Siege feature imageUbisoft

After massive complaints from fans about a range of audio problems in Rainbow Six Siege, it appears Ubisoft is finally taking steps forward to fix and address these issues — at least the new ones that have cropped up.

Rainbow Six Siege has been able to maintain popularity and fan support even after being released six years ago, even with many other tactical FPS games being released along the way.

However, there’s one thing Ubisoft haven’t been able to tackle for seemingly the game’s whole existence — audio. The game’s sound has become somewhat of a meme in the community, and issues cropping up during Operation Vector Glare have not helped that perception.

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Rainbow Six Operation vector glare wolfguard skins for lion doc and sensUbisoft
Operation Vector Glare’s launch has brought new sound issues for Siege.

In Year 7 Season 2, players have been dealing with “inconsistent” audio across all platforms, with console players hit the hardest.

Ubisoft is aware of the issues though, and they’re deploying a hotfix on June 22 to fix them.

“We are aware of audio issues on console, including inconsistent positioning and missing VO effects. We have identified the cause of these issues and are working on a fix,” they said on Twitter.

While the developers singled out console for audio issues, the hotfix will be pushed to all platforms — PC included.

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While fans are pleased to hear Ubisoft addressing these issues, they’re also not shying away from mentioning that it’s been a long time coming. 

Many have expressed their discontent on social media, stating the game’s sound issue appears to reappear every season — and seemingly gets worse with every release.

“It’s the same issue every time,” one player vented on Twitter


Here’s hoping that this ‘hotfix’ can properly address Siege’s audio issues so that players can continue to enjoy the game without getting killed from random angles with no sound cues.

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