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Ubisoft pays tribute to Iceycat25 with Rainbow Six in-game charm

Published: 10/Sep/2020 17:22

by Michael Gwilliam


Ubisoft has confirmed they will be honoring the legacy of Rainbow Six content creator Iceycat25 with an in-game charm in the coming months.

Iceycat was one of the most popular Rainbow Six Siege content creators with over 300,000 subscribers on YouTube. He was one of the first to create guides for the game, explained how new content worked, and more.

Since his passing, the Rainbow Six community has rallied behind him, asking Ubisoft to honor Iceycat with some sort of in-game item.

On Reddit, user OperationRainbowSix even crafted a universal skin design with a frozen-looking texture and the YouTuber’s logo added in for good measure.


Rest In Paradise Icey, You will be missed. Ubisoft please make this a skin??❄️ from Rainbow6

However, the most common request was a charm, which Ubisoft has now acknowledged. In a tweet on September 10, the Rainbow Six Siege Twitter account wrote that the team is “working on a small in-game token to honor @IceyCat25’s memory with his own charm.”

“We hope to share more info in the coming months,” they added.

Additionally, in memory of the YouTuber, they donated $20,000 to Take This, a non-profit organization that increases support for mental health in games.

There’s no news yet as to what Iceycat’s charm will look like, but there’s a good chance it will include his logo in some capacity.


Rainbow Six isn’t the only video game to honor content creators who have passed away. Blizzard has honored several community members over the years including Byron ‘Reckful’ Bernstein.

In his honor, the company added a Rogue Trainer NPC with his tag.

Reckful NPC in World of WarCraft
Blizzard Entertainment
Blizzard paid tribute to WoW streamer Reckful.

They also paid tribute to famous StarCraft commentator Geoff ‘iNcontroL’ Robinson with a free commemorative bundle that included an announcer pack, portrait, and other items.

It’s always nice to see game developers recognize important people in their communities and immortalize them with in-game tributes.