Ubisoft honors late Rainbow Six caster KiXSTAr with in-game tribute

Alan Bernal
kixstar tributeUbisoft / E6 Esports YouTube

Ubisoft has honored late Rainbow Six caster Michael ‘KiXSTAr’ Stockley with a tribute in Siege to commemorate his impact on the game, highlighting his iconic Plane ace.

KiXSTAr’s sudden passing in October 2021 shook the Rainbow Six community to its core. The 24-year-old caster was beloved by everyone, and as such petitions were flowing for Ubisoft to commemorate him in-game

Three months on, the developers have delivered. There is now a KiXSTAr plaque on the Presidential Plane stairs leading into Cargo where he got his iconic ace during his budding pro career.

“In a touching tribute, Ubisoft has added a plaque with KiXSTAr’s logo at the bottom stairs of Plane where he got his famous ace,” longtime friend and caster duo Parker ‘INTERRO’ Mackay said. “Thank you, Ubisoft”

However, the new spray commemorating his best play isn’t the only tribute in the works.

A KiXSTAr Memorial Charm was rumored for Operation High Caliber in Y6S4. The charm shows the Siege esports colors with “KiX” brandished in the middle.

The supposed Memorial Charm would be the second R6 tribute for him and the third time he makes an appearance in Siege. Since 2019, there’s been a ‘KiXSTAr’ Streamer Charm in the game, which players could earn by subscribing to his Twitch channel.

A few people in the R6 community are also considering adding a fourth entry in the Siege caster’s legacy by using the callout “KiXSTAr” for the new plaque’s location.

With the launch of Rainbow Six patch Y6S4.2, there’s bound to be plenty of Siege players making their way to KiXSTAr’s plaque to pay their respects.