The Awkward Moment When Your Window Breach Gets You Kicked from a Rainbow Six Game in Hilarious Fail

An inexperienced Raindbow Six Siege player accidentally killed his entire squad, kicking him from the game, after inadvertently placing a window breach right next to his teammates.

Rainbow Six can be a challenging game for newcomers, and it often requires a more experienced player to hold a noob’s hands as they get to grips with the tactical shooter.

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But even with the help of better players, one single mistake can spell disaster in a close game, especially when you aren’t quite comfortable with how all the equipment and utility works.

Pro H1Z1 player for StDx, ‘DougisRaw’ found this out the hard way, as one of his teammates instructed the team to head into the building through one of the boarded up windows.

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DougisRaw was a new player to Rainbow Six and still getting his bearings, needing guidance from his teammates to move through the map together.

But, instead of waiting for further instructions from his teammate, DougisRaw took it upon himself to place a breaching charge on the window – and then immediately detonate it.

Of course, all his teammates who were waiting behind him to get through, well, they were obliterated in the blast and DougisRaw was immediately kicked from the game and given the standard 15 minute matchmaking penalty.

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His teammate had wanted him to simply melee or shoot the window, not place a breaching charge, but DougisRaw got a bit ahead of himself.

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If anything, it proves that just because you play another game at a professional level, skills aren’t always transferrable, especially when completely new to a game and still not familiar with all its equipment.