Team Liquid’s RazaH blasts Rainbow Six devs as “bums” over failing anti-cheat

Rainbow Six logo and RazaH png on Nighthaven Labs backgroundUbisoft / Twitter: RazaHR6

Team Liquid streamer and former pro player Rafael ‘RazaH’ Ribeiro has blasted Rainbow Six Siege’s developers as “bums” over the game’s BattleEye anti-cheat system.

Rainbow Six Siege, like many other triple-A titles, continues to fight a hefty and protracted battle against cheaters.

Like Warzone’s RICOCHET, Ubisoft’s tactical FPS has its own dedicated anti-cheat, known as BattlEye. 

The anti-cheat system is used in other titles too – like Fortnite – but, with Siege in its seventh year of post-launch content, players seem to be of the opinion that it should be performing better. 

One who has expressed that in no uncertain terms is Team Liquid streamer RazaH

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RazaH slams Rainbow Six devs as “bums” over anti-cheat

The former pro player, who won the 2017 Six Invitational with Santos Dexterity, has blasted the developers for their anti-cheat efforts in an explosive interview with TheClutch.

“It’s not my obligation [to report people],” he said. “This season alone I have been paired with cheaters some 40 times. It makes no sense for me to stop my live stream 40 times to get the ID of the match, which I don’t even know how to do, to get clips, to do this and that. There is a team behind the game that is made up of bums, they don’t work and they aren’t doing sh*t in the game.”

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Recent changes to Rainbow Six Ranked mean players found to have been teaming with a cheater can be docked MMR for the relevant matches. 

Nokk walking in Rainbow Six SiegeUbisoft
Rainbow Six’s issues with cheating are not new.

RazaH continued: “The anti-cheat team doesn’t do anything, and [they] leave the game the way it is. They’re celebrating the New Year in the Bahamas and in the Maldives, sucking all the money from the anti-cheat.”

Hacking has been a particular millstone for Ubisoft, with high-level Rainbow Six matches affected particularly frequently. 

Unfortunately, for as long as there are players trying to cheat, there will be those that slip through the nets of anti-cheat systems. 

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