Shroud claims Rainbow Six will always be ‘more competitive’ than Call of Duty

Shroud Rainbow Six Call of DutyYouTube: Shroud / Ubisoft

Shroud claimed Rainbow Six Siege will always be ‘more competitive’ than Call of Duty due to its depth and emphasis on strategy rather than simply aiming down the sights.

Mike ‘shroud’ Grzesiek knows competitive shooter games like the back of his hands. It’s true he’s only played CSGO at the professional level. However, he’s played almost all of the other games casually from time to time too, and he believes not all of them are equal.

Rainbow Six Siege has been one of his favorites in his past. But although he previously claimed it was “ruining competitive integrity” by becoming too realistic, he still thinks it’s ‘more competitive’ than Call of Duty.

Shroud old games vs newTwitch: Shroud
Shroud’s experience as a professional CSGO player makes him the perfect person to judge other FPS games.

The conversation began when he started talking to fans about Battalion 1944, a multiplayer first-person shooter that released in 2019.  Then, he shared his thoughts on two gameplay features included in, but not limited to, Call of Duty that he feels weaken competitive play.

“I really do think competitive shooters that have [aiming down the sights] and COD-esque movement aren’t truly competitive for some reason. I feel like they struggle,” he said. It’s a clear reference to Call of Duty titles.

He pondered about it for a moment and concluded the only competitive shooter to integrate them well, in his view, is Rainbow Six Siege. It also implies he believes it’s ‘more competitive.’

“I feel like the only game that it works with is Rainbow Six,” he said. “But that’s just because of the depth of strategy that goes behind it. The depth of team communication and clearing stuff together and verticality and gadgets and everything.”

He believes Rainbow Six Siege would struggle with the same issues if it was more “barebones” and relied heavily on aiming down the sights like Call of Duty. However, it has many other elements to it.

“I just haven’t seen a good competitive title with being able to aim down sights with your gun. Maybe because it’s hard to balance,” he added. It seems like Rainbow Six Siege is the only exception.

Shroud is entitled to his opinion, and he makes a compelling case.

However, everyone else has their own opinion, too, and what works for one person doesn’t always work for the other.

In the end, people are drawn to games for different reasons, and the competitive scene in both games is still strong.