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Rainbow Six’s Arcade game modes may become permanent additions in the future

Published: 24/Jul/2021 16:15

by Lawrence Scotti


The developers of Rainbow Six Siege teased that arcade game modes may become permanent in the future, telling fans to “stay tuned.”

Rainbow Six Siege has been a massive hit since it was released back in 2015 by Ubisoft. Since then, there has been a ton of new content added into the game to continually keep it fresh for its dedicated fanbase.

In an effort to continue to provide transparency about the development process, the devs of Rainbow Six Siege hosted a Reddit AMA to answer some questions from the community. There was an array of topics covered in the AMA, one of them being why there are no current plans for a Siege 2 as well as future operator changes.


Rainbow Six Rick and Morty Skins Smoke Sledge
Rainbow Six Siege is known for having tons of unique cosmetics.

One topic that was covered in the AMA was the arcade modes, and their potential to be kept as permanent modes.

Mo, a business strategy and live performance director for the Siege team said about arcade mode: “We totally agree that bringing them back more often seems like a good idea! As for full-fledged events, we’ve brought back Rainbow is Magic and the reception was quite good, so stay tuned for more on this!”

There was also another question about Arcades answered by Aurelien, saying: “We’ve seen a lot of requests recently for a permanent Arcade playlist, and we share your enthusiasm for the work the events team has done on those various modes. It’s been in discussions on the team for some time, but we’ve lacked a large enough variety of modes to support a permanent playlist that players would actively use.


“Our intention is to release, on a more regular basis, arcades like Golden gun and headshot, until we build a large enough bank, to keep the quality of the matchmaking on par with the rest of the game. It is not possible at the moment to include the seasonal events as they come with a technical burden, risks, and issues in scalability. Our number 1 priority is to never impact the main game. We will focus some of our developments on multiplying the number of arcades we have in the following months, building a strong library of events we can re-use on a regular basis, without any risks.”

It seems as though the Siege dev team is in tune with what players want, and will be focused on bringing more Arcade content to the game in a way that doesn’t negatively impact the main game.


There seems to be a ton of content and changes being added to Siege in the future. The developers also gave an update on cross-play which is coming in Year 6, as well as a warm-up mode before matches.