Everything coming in Rainbow Six Siege Year 7: New Operators & maps, Ranked rework

Rainbow Six Azami next to Emerald Plains MapUbisoft

Rainbow Six Year 7 is here, and there’s plenty of new content to sink your teeth into. Yes, there’ll be new Operators ⁠— but also new maps, a ranked rework, the permanent return of Arcade game modes, and more. Get ready, because there’s a lot on the roadmap.

Gear up for a big year of Rainbow Six Siege as Ubisoft is turning up the content dial in Year 7. Not only will there be new Operators, but also new maps for the first time in three years, as well as more game modes and plenty of reworks ⁠— systems and otherwise.

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The roadmap is jam packed, so here’s what you need to know about Rainbow Six Year 7 and all the new content.

Rainbow Six Year 7 RoadmapUbisoft
Rainbow Six’s Year 7 plans will be enough to excite any fan.

Four new Operators: Azami plus three

We’ve already seen one new Operator in Azami, coming in Operation Demon Veil. Ubisoft is bringing out three more across 2022, with the pace of one character a season continuing for now.

The three other Operators will hail from Belgium, Singapore, and Colombia ⁠— and will release in that order. Given we’ve had back-to-back defenders now too, it’s likely the Belgian Operator in Y7S2 will be an attacker.

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If you want to get early access to these Operators, you’ll need to buy the Year 7 Pass which goes live in Demon Veil as Ubisoft revert the seasonal battle pass unlock method.

Three new maps: Emerald Plains, two more

After three years of no new maps and just map reworks, Ubisoft is adding three maps to spice up the Siege battlegrounds.

Emerald Plains has already been revealed as the first map, coming mid-way through Operation Demon Veil. The other two will be located in Greece and Singapore. The Greece map will be used in Siege’s new Team Deathmatch mode exclusively, while the Singaporean one will feature in more playlists.

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There are no map reworks listed on the Year 7 roadmap, although there’s the potential for one come Year 7 Season 4 with no new map locked in.

Emerald Plain map in Rainbow Six SiegeUbisoft
Siege’s first new map in three years, Emerald Plain, is coming in Operation Demon Veil.

Permanent Arcade game modes come Season 4

Some of the game’s most iconic Arcade modes like Golden Gun and Showdown are returning as part of a permanent, rotating playlist in Year 7 Season 4.

It’ll join alongside the existing Quick Match, Unranked, and Ranked game modes ⁠— as well as the new Team Deathmatch mode. Whether there’ll be new Arcade modes in 2022 to supplement them remains to be seen, but expect some old favorites to return.

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Ranked rework rebalances MMR, makes progression uniform

After plenty of promises of a full ranked rework, Ubisoft is finally delivering in Year 7. While not all the kinks have been ironed out yet, some details have. Ubisoft is standardizing progression between tiers, setting them at 100 rating apart.

Ubisoft are also splitting your MMR from your rank somewhat, but it’s still very early days. More will be confirmed once Year 7 Season 3 rolls around.

We are expecting changes to Ranked in Y7S3.

Shooting Range adds another dimension to your warm-up

Finally, a dedicated Shooting Range is on its way. With target practice as well as a little demo to run through, you can get a more customized warm-up experience (alongside TDM) starting in Season 2.

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Rainbow Six Year 7 kicks off with Operation Demon Veil on February 22, 2022. Later seasons will be coming every three months.