Rainbow Six Siege Rengoku event leaks: Gameplay, Operator skins, map & more

Rainbox Six RengokuUbisoft

Ubisoft has revealed details about the Rainbow Six Siege Rengoku event, giving players their first full look at the upcoming mode’s gameplay, Operator skins, and modified Skyscraper map. 

The Rainbow Six Siege Rengoku event has been revealed and will be part of Year 7 Season 1. This event comes hot on the heels of the release of Azami – the new Japanese defender who arrived in Operation Demon Veil. 

While many players have been getting to grips with this new Operator, Ubisoft has now shed some light on the upcoming Rengoku event. Not only do we now have official gameplay of how it will function, but there are also early glimpses of the Samurai-themed cosmetics that will be released for a number of the game’s Operators. 

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So, without further ado, here’s everything we currently know about the Rainbow Six Siege Rengoku event and what you can expect to see when it goes live. 


Rainbow Six Siege Rengoku eventUbisoft
Rainbow Six Siege Rengoku event will be Samurai-themed.

When does the Rengoku event begin?

The Rainbow Six Siege Rengoku event will begin on May 26, 2022, and will end on May 17, 2022.

Rainbow Six Siege Rengoku event gameplay

The Rengoku event will be a 5v5 mode where players will need to capture points and “fight to light the altars and free their deity.”

Each round will last three minutes and players win by having the most points at the end, which are earned by lighting altars. It’s also important to note that all players will have access to a variety of Kiba gadgets.

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These kunai can be thrown at players and deliver either explosive, poison, concussion, stun, or fire damage upon impact. Both teams are equipped with shotguns as their main weapon during this event, so extra care is needed when checking those corners. 

Given the recent addition of Team Deathmatch, it appears that Rengoku will be closer to something like Control.

Rainbow Six Siege Rengoku event map

Rainbow Six Siege Skyscraper mapUbisoft
The Skyscraper map will receive a makeover in the Rengoku event.

The Rainbow Six Siege Rengoku event won’t receive its own map – instead, players will duke it out on a modified version of Skyscraper. A sixteenth-century Japanese Castle will now sit atop the building, which is where players will do battle.

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This means there will be plenty of opportunities to dash outside into the traditional gardens for some quick kills and ambush opponents with sneaky hallway flanks. 

We’re still expecting Siege’s trademark destruction, too, so you can open up new routes entirely.

Rainbow Six Siege Rengoku event Operator skins

Rainbow Six Rengoku eventUbisoft
Samurai’s invade Rainbow Six

The Rengoku event Operator skins all will be based on Samurai dress, with many of the game’s characters receiving their very own traditional body armor. For example, Bandit can be seen wearing a black kabuto, a stylized face mask, and intricate chest pieces. 

Meanwhile, Osa has been kitted out with a ninja-themed ensemble that comes packed with a headband, Tanto knife, and gold/black face mask. 

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So, there you have it, everything we know about the upcoming event. Make sure to check out our Rainbow Six Siege page for all the latest news and updates.