Rainbow Six Siege players call for classic CoD skin to be added


Rainbow Six Siege has a vast array of incredible skins and cosmetic items that makes every player unique – but now some have requested a very famous Call of Duty skin be added to the game, too.

Cosmetics are a huge part of most modern games, especially with games such as Fortnite adopting a free-to-play model that relied heavily on microtransactions to become profitable.

While Siege and Fortnite are worlds apart when it comes to gameplay, the cosmetics are equally as revered in each, and this idea to bring a classic CoD skin to Ubisoft’s popular FPS could prove a game-changer.

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Operation Steel Wave arrives on June 8.

While a lot of Rainbow Six weapons have highly-regarded skins, such as the Royal or Luxury cosmetics, Call of Duty treats weapon skins slightly differently, offering them as rewards for levelling up or completing challenges.

Most Call of Duty titles now have a top-tier camo, which is unlocked for completing every camo challenge in the game – and now Rainbow Six Siege players want one of them.

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In Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 and Black Ops 4, the top-tier camouflage was called Dark Matter. It was a reactive camo of black and purple that using in-game would assure opponents that you were a serious player.

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Now, r6universe has called for Dark Matter to come to Rainbow Six Siege, too, providing an example of how it would look, too.

While Siege doesn’t have reactive camos, Dark Matter could work just fine as a static skin, too, as evidenced by the image provided.

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Other users on Reddit loved the idea, too, calling it “epic” and saying how great it looks, and a number of them loved the throwback to the popular Call of Duty titles, perhaps reminiscing on the grinding needed to unlock said skin.

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Whether this is something Ubisoft would be interested in doing isn’t known – Siege works very well on its own merit and the skins seem to be a perfect fit for the game, so whether they want to imitate one from a competing franchise is hard to tell.

Despite that, it looks good, and players of both games definitely wouldn’t be averse to seeing Dark Matter in Rainbow Six Siege.