Rainbow Six Siege hackers assault streamers with giant in-game chickens

Rainbow Six Siege hackers giant chickenAthieno | Twitter

Hackers in Rainbow Six Siege have found a way to plaster images across players’ screens, leading to a hilarious, infuriating, and incredibly invasive form of hacking the game via giant chickens.

With Rainbow Six Siege having its core gameplay mechanics be based around one-shot headshots and knowledge of where the opponent is, it’s the sort of game that really suffers if someone in-game is cheating.

A player that can see through walls will have a massive advantage over you, one that’s even larger than hackers in games like Warzone and Apex Legends. It also can make it difficult to spot hackers because, if a player has enough game sense to guess where someone is and shoots them through a wall, they could end up being wrongly accused.

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The newest way that hackers have found to mess with the enemy in Rainbow Six Siege is to plaster images on players’ screens with an exploit discovered in the chat feature that’s supposed to show when players get banned in-game.

Giant chickens hacked into Rainbow 6 Siege

While it’s possible for hackers to put any image they’d like into Rainbow Six Siege via the method they’ve discovered of doing so, there’s a giant chicken that has become iconic overnight within the community for how it represents the ongoing issue.

This clip shows streamer Athieno trying to clutch out a round, only for a massive chicken to appear out of nowhere and block his vision.

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He was fortunate that it wound up being a fun on-stream moment instead of a ban. While some hackers are having fun with it and posting silly images, others are bombarding streamers with NSFW images in an attempt to get them banned from the game.

This chicken has become a mascot for the issues with players cheating and hacking in the game, with some saying that it’s “had more of an impact on Siege than Grim”, Grim being the newest Operator added to the game.

However, there’s a surprisingly easy solution for the issue. Those posting chickens have been doing so via the chat feature that shows when players get banned. So, instead of getting banned from the game with their name being shown in the chat, they’ve retrofitted the system to mar the R6 player experience even further.

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This chat feature can be turned off in the options menu, as discovered by Twitter user uplynxed. Disabling that will keep you safe from all those giant chickens out there.