Rainbow Six Siege Best Attackers: Ultimate Tier List 2022

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Rainbow Six Siege Year 7 Season 4 dropped recently and signals the final season ahead of Year 8. But who are the best attacking operators to use in Operation Solar Raid?

Operation Solar Raid dropped worldwide on 6 December after some time on Ubisoft’s TTS.

It constitutes the biggest update Rainbow Six Siege has received in years, introducing a new Colombian operator Solis, Nighthaven Labs multiplayer map and a ‘Ranked 2.0’ system. 

Alongside the game‘s new content is a huge amount of operator buffs and nerfs which promise to shake up the meta significantly. 

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With that in mind, we’re jumping into a tier list for Rainbow Six Siege’s best attackers, to join our defender tier list and overall operator rankings

Here, we’re going into slightly more detail as to our choices, explaining why they’re ranked where they are. 

Rainbow Six Siege Best Operators: 2022 Attacker Tier List

S Tier

  • Nomad – Nomad remains one of Siege’s best attackers thanks to her Airjab ability, which nips defender flanks and roams in the bud with unnerving efficiency.
  • Thatcher – Thatcher may have been reduced to one speed with Solar Raid, but the incredible strength of his EMP grenades keep him in S-Tier, even though he’ll probably be banned most matches. 
  • Zero – One of the few operators to receive a speed buff, Zero becomes S-Tier with his combination of weapon, gadgets and pace. 


  • Ace – A nerf to the AK-12 drags Ace down into A-Tier for Solar Raid, with his primary far from as strong as it once was. His gadget remains as powerful as it’s always been though. 
  • Finka – Despite starting off on Siege’s peripheries, Finka has grown in strength as her ability to pick teammates up grows in importance. A slight nerf to her LMG isn’t enough to drop her down from A-Tier. 
  • Hibana – Hard breaching remains as desirable as ever and, despite her weapon still leaving a bit to be desired, Hibana’s an all-round excellent option. 
  • Iana – Her ability may be a slight gimmick and easy to identify for any veteran, but the amount of information an Iana can secure makes her very powerful and viable, just short of being one of Siege’s best attackers.
  • Jackal – A slight buff to Jackal’s AR means the footstep scanning operator only becomes stronger in Solar Raid, and he was in a pretty good spot anyways. 
  • Maverick – Maverick’s ability to torch hard surfaces pairs with his M4 and equipment to make a breacher perfect for most scenarios. 
  • Sledge – It’s a relegation to A-Tier for Sledge as a result of his speed nerf. His hammer remains an excellent piece of kit but his ability to move around as he smashes entry holes has been greatly hindered. 
  • Thermite – The exothermic charges put Thermite on a level with Maverick and Hibana, even if his AR leaves a little to be desired. 
  • Twitch – A nice break from nerfs means Twitch is as strong as she’s been for a while, with the F2 remaining one of the very best weapons in Rainbow Six. 
  • Zofia – Nerfs to her speed and weapons mean it’s down to A-Tier for Zofia. Her AR and versatility mean she remains strong, but she’s not quite the juggernaut she used to be.


  • Ash – Remaining a strong run-and-gun option, the R4C isn’t quite strong enough to get this weakened OG any higher than B-Tier.
  • Buck – Buck is well-balanced in terms of his breaching and ability to post up or hold an angle. In a word, solid. 
  • Capitao – His weapons are very viable but his inability to breach and niche gadget inhibit the Brazilian operator from climbing any further up this list.
  • Dokkaebi – Her weapons and gadget may still leave a little to be desired, but a buff to speed in Solar Raid has pushed Dokkaebi closer to R6’s proverbial summit. 
  • Flores – Another operator who’s reliable if unspectacular, Flores’ explosive drones are good for destroying enemy equipment but they’re very easy to shoot out. 
  • Grim – Still finding his feet in Ubisoft’s tactical FPS, Grim looks set for another season in the middle of the Rainbow Six meta. His Hive Launcher is good for intel-gathering but he’s pretty mediocre elsewhere.
  • IQ – Once a much-coveted operator, IQ looks set to be weakened even more by Solis’ arrival, with the Colombian sporting a very similar set of skills thanks to his gadget. 
  • Lion – Lion remains decent but uninspiring in Solar Raid, with his EE-One-D far too easy to counter for defenders. 
  • Osa – Osa, like many other operators, saw her speed reduced in Solar Raid and, as a result, drops down from A-Tier. 
  • Sens – The POF9 and ability to block lines-of-sight make Sens a reliable, but somewhat unremarkable choice in Solar Raid. 


  • Amaru – There’s little to recommend about Amaru beyond the fun that accompanies flying up to a building’s roof or from under a hatch thanks to the Garra Hook gadget. 
  • Fuze – The ability to get cluster mines through reinforced surfaces remains a big plus, but the aforementioned AK-12 nerf drags this slow Russian down even further. 
  • Gridlock – Only suitable in scenarios where attackers are well established, Gridlock remains too situational to really dominate Siege’s meta. 
  • Kali – The CSRX 300 sniper is a powerful weapon but is far too niche to impact rounds consistently. As a result, there’s limited scope for Kali to really make her presence felt in Solar Raid. 
  • Nøkk – A nerf to the FMG9 hurts this stealthy attacker even more, meaning the ability to remain undetected from enemy cameras is all that’s stopping her from dropping way down these rankings. 
  • Ying – With mediocre weapons and an ability that does little but blind teammates, Ying’s just clinging to her status in C-Tier thanks to nerfs to other operators. 


  • Blackbeard – The CIA’s Blackbeard is slow, clunky and not all that much fun. Consistent nerfs to his weapon shield mean there’s little reason to use him in the game’s current build 
  • Glaz – A thermal DMR should be epic given Siege’s emphasis on tactics and slow plays, but Glaz’ poor equipment, secondary, and accuracy make him a poor operator all things considered. 


  • Blitz – A niche, slow and unrewarding operator, it feels as if Blitz needs to be reworked in the vein of Tachanka to really find a meaningful spot in Siege’s meta. 
  • Montagne – The only operator to make Blitz appear usable, Montagne is more suitable as a meme than a genuine attacking option, even if his extendable shield can occasionally frustrate enemies trying to defuse. 

That rounds off our tier list of attackers in Rainbow Six Siege: Operation Solar Raid. Be sure to check back in future because, as Ubisoft continue to support R6, this list will doubtless change. 

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