Rainbow Six pro player Next1 passes away age 24

Calum Patterson
Next1 playing rainbow sixESL

German Rainbow 6 Siege pro player Arif ‘Next1’ Keskin has passed away at the age of 24.

The former Chaos Esports player had been hospitalized with the virus which has caused a global pandemic.

In April, NEXT1 warned his Twitter followers of how serious the illness could be, even for young people. On April 15, he thanked friends and fans for their well-wishes, and said hospital staff were “watching my health status really good.”

He had gone to hospital on April 13, sharing: “I’m driving to the hospital, literally dying. Can’t breath, coughing so hard, no power, always cold. It is horrible.”

On May 23, news of Next1’s passing was confirmed.

With Chaos Esports, his most recent team, Next1 finished 1st place at the Nordic Championship 2020: Finals in September. He parted ways with Chaos at the end of January, and had been a free agent.

Rainbow 6 community pays tribute to Next1

Fellow pro players and community members paid tribute to Next1. Fellow German pro player Kevin ‘Sua’ Stahnke wrote ” I am lost for words and can’t describe how I feel. There was so much we wanted to get done, so much we had planned. And now you’re gone. I am lost for words.”

Rogue’s Leon ‘LeonGids’ Giddens reminded people to be careful, even when so close to getting back to normality.

Team Secret’s Ville ‘SHA77E’ Palola wrote, “All my prayers and thoughts go to his family and friends. He was always friendly and it was a pleasure to get to know him. Rest in peace friend”

Commentator James ‘Sternab’ Parkinson, who once played alongside Next1 on Defusekids, said he would miss his former teammate.

Tributes are expected to be paid at the Rainbow Six Invitational, currently underway in Paris, with the grand final between NIP and Team Liquid.