Rainbow Six leaks hint at Splinter Cell operator in Y5S3 crossover


A prominent Rainbow Six: Siege leaker has hinted at a possible crossover between the Tom Clancy franchise with another title in the series when Year 5 Season 3 comes around.

Operation Steel Wave isn’t even on the live servers for Rainbow Six: Siege, yet there’s already leaks for some content coming out later this year.

While we know about the Tachanka rework, the Skyscraper and Chalet map reworks, a replay system, and map bans, the operators have been kept under lock and key. However, we might be getting our first glimpse soon, as leakers are slowly uncovering new details about Y5S3.

Two operators are still yet to be released in Rainbow Six: Siege Year 5.

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Kormora posted a leak on forum site ‘ResetEra’ about what players could expect to see in Year 5’s remaining two operations. While they are still a long way away ⁠— after all, Operation Steel Wave is yet to be released ⁠— they did have a few pointers. Namely, we could be seeing a crossover between Tom Clancy titles.

“I was told the other day that the Season 3 operator will be a crossover with a well known Ubisoft franchise,” they wrote.

The operator would also use “some sort of drilled camera that sees through walls,” which points towards them being a defender. This, on top of the classified country status they showed players during the Year 5 panel at the Six Invitational, are the only things we know about them.

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Sam Fisher is a leading candidate for the crossover.

Rainbow Six: Siege has been exploring crossovers as of late. Ash’s latest Elite skin, Tomb Raider, gets its name and style from dungeon explorer Lara Croft. However, adding an entire operator from another game is breaking new ground.

If Ubisoft were to implement a crossover into Siege, it would make sense to lean on another title in the Tom Clancy franchise. There’s arguably no better candidate for this than Sam Fisher, who has appeared in numerous titles across the series. However, Kormora didn’t clarify who we could be seeing in Year 5 Season 3 in the potential crossover.

Tomb Raider Ash portrait for Rainbow Six: SiegeUbisoft
The Tomb Raider Ash elite skin was the first real crossover in Rainbow Six: Siege.

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As for Season 4 ⁠— which is still six months down the line ⁠— Kormora didn’t have much to offer other than “lasers.” The vague description leaves a lot to be desired, but it’s a start, and we’re bound to hear more once November rolls in.

Like with any other leaks, we have to take these with a grain of salt until Ubisoft officially comments. Nothing is confirmed just yet, but if you’re a fan of the whole Tom Clancy franchise, maybe now’s the time to get a bit excited.