Operator tier list in Rainbow Six Extraction: Best characters to use

Alibi, Sledge, and Gridlock looking through breach in Rainbow Six ExtractionUbisoft

Rainbow Six Extraction is all about picking the right team for the job, but some Operators are better than others. We’ve got the definitive Operator tier list for Rainbow Six Extraction right here, including the best characters to use to complete the mission.

While every Rainbow Six Extraction Operator serves a purpose on specific objectives, some are more flexible than others ⁠— which nets them a good ranking in the tier list. Some personnel also get big upgrades as time goes on, making them worthwhile additions to almost every squad.

However, that’s not to say some of the lower ranking members of the game’s tier list are bad. If you level up your Operators enough, they can all become formidable forces at fighting back against Archaeans.

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Here’s the Operator tier list in Rainbow Six Extraction, as it stands at the game’s launch, and the best characters you should invest in first.

Rainbow Six Extraction operators in helicopterUbisoft
Picking the right squad is key in Rainbow Six Extraction, so get a grip of the best with our Operator tier list.

Rainbow Six Extraction Operator tier list

S-Tier Finka, Vigil, Hibana, Alibi
A-Tier Pulse, Capitao, Sledge, IQ, Rook, Jager
B-Tier Nomad, Tachanka, Lion, Smoke, Doc, Ela
C-Tier Fuze, Gridlock

Best Rainbow Six Extraction Operators to use


This author might be biased as a Finka main in Rainbow Six Siege, but her abilities in Rainbow Six Extraction are incredibly strong. The ability to deliver an Adrenal Surge to allies, healing them no matter where they are on the map, is incredibly strong.

At higher levels, it also turbocharges their other stats like fire rate and movement speed. She’s the ultimate buff support in Extraction, and with a strong arsenal to boot, she can also stand her own.

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Finka holding rifle in Rainbow Six ExtractionUbisoft
Finka’s Adrenal Surge is too good to pass up in a pinch.


For all stealth missions in Rainbow Six Extraction, it’s hard to look past Vigil. His ERC ability is incredibly powerful and can help him sneak up on nests or unsuspecting Archaeans to get some easy samples.

When you invest some levels into him, he can also cloak your entire team if they stand in a small radius around him, turning the once selfish Operator into a big team player.


Need to break through walls? Sledge might seem like the straightforward option, but Hibana can basically do all he does but better in Rainbow Six Extraction. Her X-KAIROS pellets can open rotates or lines of sight to get the edge in fights.

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Don’t just use Hibana’s pellets to open up barricades, though. They are one of the best explosives in the game for blowing up high-health Archaeans too.

Hibana holding shotgun in Rainbow Six ExtractionUbisoft
Hibana’s X-Kairos pellets are incredibly flexible.


When you have Alibi on your squad in Rainbow Six Extraction, you’re no longer a team of three. You’re closer to a team of six with her clones acting as perfect bait for all Archaeans.

She also has a great arsenal of equipment at her fingertips, so be sure to use her clones to distract enemies before getting the perfect line of sight and blowing them away.


As far as intel gathering goes in Rainbow Six Extraction, Pulse is your man. All you need to do is whip out your camera, and you’ll start seeing nests, Archaeans, and more through walls. This is handy for scouting ahead and making sure you know what you run into.

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Pulse is one of the more simple Operators to learn in Rainbow Six Extraction too, given he doesn’t rely all too much on placing utility ⁠— just stand in the right place at the right time, feed your team intel, and work off that.

Pulse holding shotgun in Rainbow Six ExtractionUbisoft
Pulse is king at getting intel in Rainbow Six Extraction.

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