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Rainbow Six Chalet rework full walkthrough: layout, bomb sites, more

Published: 17/Aug/2020 8:57

by Andrew Amos


Chalet has been chosen as the map being reworked in Rainbow Six’s Operation Shadow Legacy. Much like last season’s House rework, the main goal was to make the map bigger, and Ubisoft certainly did that.

While Skyscraper was originally on the list for being reworked in Y5S3, Ubisoft have pivoted to shipping Chalet first. The French ski resort themed map has gotten a bit of an expansion, especially on the top floor.

The map as a whole is more free-flowing though. With more connectors and corridors, you can slink in and out of sight to try and catch enemies off-guard. There’s also been some changes to attacker spawns, and the bomb sites you’ll have to defend.


Bomb sites: Kitchen-Trophy now Kitchen-Dining

While the rooms themselves may have changed, the overall bombsite layout is the same as pre-rework. The only major difference is that the first-floor Kitchen-Trophy bombsite has been shifted to Kitchen-Dining.

2F ⁠— Office and Master Bedroom

Office and Master Bedroom remains as the only top floor bombsite. However, it’s a bit of a funny case nowadays. While it used to be alright to defend, there’s more angles attackers can abuse, and more sightlines you have to be weary of.

Office’s expansion towards Fireplace, and the reworked balcony, means players can blast their way in through the balcony and get an easy plant off safely in cover. There’s also long sightlines on the Solarium windows that can see all the way through to Office.


Fireplace on Chalet rework in Rainbow Six Siege
The Fireplace area in the Chalet rework is more closed in.

1F ⁠— Bar and Gaming Room

Bar and Gaming, on the other hand, has become a lot easier to defend. The small door on the corner of Gaming Room has been removed, meaning the only two entry points are through the window or the hallway. There’s also a rotation between the two sites towards the South side.

The Bar door is now a lot smaller facing out towards Fireplace, and has shifted towards Snowmobile stairs. These two funneling chokepoints means that Bar and Gaming Room should be nicer to defend.

1F ⁠— Kitchen and Dining Room

Kitchen and Dining Room is ostensibly the same as Kitchen and Trophy Room was. The removal of the front door in the lobby is a major boon for defenders, who now only have to really worry about attacks from Fireplace, Garage stairs, or Solarium stairs ⁠— which used to be in the lobby, but has shifted to Trophy Room.


There’s no long window in Kitchen to worry about either. However, the openness of Dining Room to Fireplace means that once the dividing wall is blown open, attackers will have free reign over both sites.

Snowmobile Garage Corridor on Chalet rework in Rainbow Six Siege
There’s a new corridor between Snowmobile Garage and Wine Cellar.

B ⁠— Snowmobile Garage and Wine Cellar

No longer will you send five people out Snowmobiles as attackers and hope the Bandit on the other side sucks at tricking. It’d be ill-advised anyways, with a new window and runout spot on top of Garage.

Wine Cellar is now a bit easier to attack, and it’s a lot more open. If you can sneak around to where the old Wine Room used to be, you can get a pretty safe plant off. However, care for the rotate through Blue, as the connector now runs from stairs, past Snowmobile Garage, all the way through to the new Wine Cellar.


Attacker spawns: Campfire, Cliffside, Lakeside

The spawns for attackers on the reworked Chalet are mostly the same. Campfire, Cliffside, and Lakeside all return, with no real changes in placement. Campfire and Cliffside are entirely unchanged, while Lakeside brings you a bit more under the helicopter pad than it previously did.

The Front Yard attacker spawn has been removed completely. This is kind of a godsent though, given the amount of new spawn peeks on that angle thanks to the reworked Bathroom and Piano Room areas upstairs.

Chalet rework attacker spawn choices in Rainbow Six Siege
The Front Yard spawn has been removed for attackers on the new Chalet.

Major changes: new Piano and Solarium room, Blue connector, more

Chalet, for all intents and purposes, remains as ostensibly the same map ⁠— just a bit bigger, and a bit more closed in. Upstairs is where most of the changes are. The Master Bedroom balcony has been replaced with a new Solarium room, with stairs down to Trophy.


There’s also a new Piano Room where the old lobby stairs were. This connects to the Bathroom upstairs, rather than Bathroom connecting to Master Bedroom. Office has expanded towards Fireplace, while in Library, there’s one less window to worry about.

Going downstairs to the first floor, there’s a new connector between Bar and Gaming Room, as we mentioned earlier. Fireplace is also a bit more enclosed with the expansion of Dining Room.

Solarium Room in Chalet rework in Rainbow Six Siege
The old Master Bedroom balcony has been enclosed in a new room named Solarium.

In the basement, there’s a new connector from Gaming Room stairs all the way through to Wine Cellar, making rotations around the bottom floor a bit easier. Wine Cellar has also been expanded, which plays nicely into both attackers and defenders’ hands.

The Chalet rework will launch as part of Operation Shadow Legacy. The Y5S3 expansion is set to go live on the TTS on August 17, so be sure to get your hands on Zero, and get used to the new Chalet.