Rainbow Six caster AceOfPyrite reveals he suffered a stroke after Berlin major

Pawel Bastrzyk/Instagram @aceofpyrite

Caster Tim ‘AceOfPyrite’ Leaver has revealed that he suffered a stroke shortly after the culmination of the Six Major Berlin.

AceOfPyrite explained on Twitter that he’d experienced a loss of vision in his left eye on August 26, which was later diagnosed as a stroke.

The caster explained that he experienced a sudden “blind spot” that developed on the left side of his vision, which was accompanied by an “aura” that further distorted his vision. However, he said that he had experienced similar symptoms before, and therefore left the temporary blindness to “resolve itself”.

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However, after the blindness continued to persist, he sought medical attention. After multiple MRI and CCT scans, he was informed that he had suffered a stroke. His sight has not yet returned, but he explained that he had not suffered any further side effects from the stroke and was “remaining optimistic for at least a partial recovery”.

Future plans within Siege

As the stroke has affected his sight, AceOfPyrite has stated that he’s currently unsure of his future in the casting space – but that he remains hopeful that he’ll be able to return.

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“I am hopeful that this will not impact my ability to cast Siege,” he explained, “as I am already learning to work around the limitations.”

His post was met with an outpouring of support from casters and community members alike. Pyrite has been a prominent caster in the R6 scene since 2018, and has cast multiple majors and regional leagues for Europe, APAC, and Latin America.

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