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Rainbow 6 devs respond to calls to remove controversial ping system

Published: 15/Sep/2020 11:22

by Jacob Hale


Rainbow Six Siege introduced a new pinging system in Operation Shadow Legacy that sent the community into a frenzy — and now, just days later, they’ve responded to calls to remove the controversial new system.

Ping 2.0 was a system Ubisoft developed to better improve voice communications, but immediately split opinion among players, with some believing that it is overpowered due to the ability to ping enemy players without their knowledge, meaning there’s not really a counter to it.


The intention was clearly good, with not everybody able to use voice communications, and it’s undeniable that Ping 2.0 has better allowed players to communicate with their teammates without need for a microphone.

R6 Y5S3 Operation Shadow Legacy operators
Operation Shadow Legacy brought with it a number of changes, including new operators and a Chalet rework.

Though, after receiving a lot of backlash over how powerful the new pinging system is, the R6 devs have come out to speak about the issue and explain what their plans are for the future of Ping 2.0.


In a blog post by Ubisoft directly addressing both balancing and esports, they explained the new system and its advantages before addressing the controversy.

“We are very aware that this will likely have most impact in competitive play at first, whether by creating new opportunities of coordinated plays or disrupting players’ habits. We’ll keep an especially close eye on the effect it has on attackers, as this role is currently unfavored and their potential for plays with that feature is high.

“Overall in the short to medium term, though, we are confident it will only supplement quality calls from players and the use of red pings, but not replace them, elevating everyone’s gameplay.”

Rainbow Six Siege Ping 2.0
Ping 2.0 allows for much more detailed non-verbal communication.

So, for now, Ubisoft are sticking by their new Ping 2.0 system, believing that over time it will not seem as overpowered.

Whether that happens remains to be seen, but players won’t be afraid to voice their frustrations if they continue to dislike Ping 2.0, and the devs may end up having to provide yet another update at some point.

Rainbow Six

How to watch Rainbow Six Tachanka rework full reveal: release date, more

Published: 6/Oct/2020 2:32

by Andrew Amos


Tachanka’s rework is coming to Rainbow Six very soon. After being revealed at the Six Invitational, Ubisoft is sharing more details with the playerbase very soon. We’ve got everything you need to know about the Tachanka rework presentation right here.

The Lord has arisen. Well, he’s about to, at least. Rainbow Six’s Tachanka is the first operator in line for a major rework in Ubisoft’s tactical shooter, and it’s right around the corner.


The cult hero’s overhaul was first revealed at the Six Invitational, to rapturous applause from the crowd. The turret wielding Russian might retain his legendary status, but picking him will no longer be a meme.

Ubisoft are set to drop more details about Tachanka’s rework very soon. In fact, it could be coming in just a matter of weeks, or even days, on Operation Shadow Legacy. Here’s what we know about the full reveal coming soon.


Rainbow Six Tachanka rework stream

It’s unclear if the Tachanka rework full reveal is going to be streamed on Twitch, or just be a video uploaded to Ubisoft’s accounts globally. However, we do have a set date for when you should expect more info: October 7.

The full reveal will go live on October 7 at 10am ET / 1pm ET / 6pm BST.

Tachanka rework details: new molotov gadget, more

Tachanka’s kit is heavily outdated in Rainbow Six. His static playstyle doesn’t fit with the dynamic of Siege. However, that’s all going to change when the Russian defender gets his rework.


We’ve already seen the major changes. Tachanka will now wield an incendiary grenade launcher instead of his turret. It’ll work similarly to Capitao’s bolts, helping lock down certain areas.

“The incendiary grenade launcher not only fits his theme of like World War II, old weapons, but also adds a real interest into his gameplay that’ll move him from being a meme character to a meta pick,” game director Leroy Athanassoff told Dexerto.

He will instead get his LMG as his primary weapon. It comes with supreme destructibility, with the ability to open up soft walls and hatches with ease. It also packs a decent punch, although the fire rate isn’t anything to write home about.


The Lord himself is set to get an Elite skin too. He’s ripped off his top ⁠— but kept the helmet on ⁠— as he marks a new era with a new look.

The Tachanka rework will likely arrive in Operation Shadow Legacy. However, a firm release date hasn’t been locked. We will keep you posted as new info arises.