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Rainbow Six May 25 patch to feature ACS12 buffs, major gadget glitch fix

Published: 26/May/2020 8:46

by Andrew Amos


Rainbow Six: Siege’s test server (TTS) is getting more updates, with a patch being shipped on May 25 buffing the ACS12 shotgun, and fixing a major bug affecting all gadgets.

Operation Steel Wave is currently being tested out on the TTS before hitting live Rainbow Six servers. However, Ace, Melusi, and the new House aren’t the only things Ubisoft are looking at adding in the next major update.

The ACS12 shotgun is being buffed, and major bug fixes implemented with the new update are also being squashed as we speak, to ensure a clean launch of Rainbow Six’s latest expansion.


Alibi and Maestro’s ACS12 is getting a damage buff.

ACS12 for Maestro and Alibi buffed

The ACS12 is arguably the worst shotgun in the game. Only available to Italian defenders Maestro and Alibi, there was no place in the game for the automatic shotty. It only tickled attackers, and was rather difficult to control.

However, with a damage buff in the recent patch, maybe there’ll be some niche use for the ACS12. With its damage up to 59 from 41, it’s a significant buff ⁠— almost as big as the nerf to the TCSG12 a couple of weeks ago.

Don’t be swapping your Alda or your Mx4 Storm for the ACS12 just yet. It’s still, for all intents and purposes, a strictly worse weapon. It’s just not as bad as it once was.


Invisible smokes, flashes fixed

The Operation Steel Wave patch brought a host of problems for gadgets in Siege. Flashes, smoke grenades, and most particle effects were completely invisible, making some operators like Ying completely useless.

Ying’s Candelas will now work as intended.

According to the patch notes, this bug has been fixed. They were listed as being “missing or corrupt,” but should deploy normally from now.

So, if you are playing Ying, Smoke, or another operator who relies on flashes or smokes to get the job done, you shouldn’t be held back any longer.

On top of the ACS12 buffs and the gadget bug fix, there were also some small fixes to the new House. Some of the lighting has been touched up, as well as certain spawns leading to players dying instantly upon loading in.


You can find the full Rainbow Six May 25 TTS patch notes below.

Rainbow Six May 25 TTS Patch Notes


ACS12 – Increased the damage from 41 to 59. Increased ADS Speed.

Slight buff to the ACS12’s damage to make it a bit more viable than it is currently. ADS speed should also now match other weapons of the same category.


  • FIXED – VFX related to gadgets effects are missing or corrupt.
  • FIXED – Weapons clip through Defenders hands at spawn if a grip is equipped.
  • FIXED – ADS appears zoomed out for some sights on the P10 Roni.
  • FIXED – Amaru’s reeling SFX is distorted/missing in replays.

Level Design

  • FIXED – Echo’s Yokai drone can lose signal and stop responding if deployed on top of the vents of 2F Printer Room in Kanal.
  • FIXED – Players are unable to pick up Mozzie’s Pests if they are deployed on the rug covering the stairs in House.
  • FIXED – Lighting issues on House.
  • FIXED – Gadgets can be placed in unreachable areas of reworked House
  • FIXED – Operators can climb inside the book case in 2F Reading Room of House.
  • FIXED – A wall in 2F Pick Room of House cannot be reinforced in Hostage mode if player who spawns next to it does not move.
  • FIXED – Spawn kill from master bedroom of House rework.
  • FIXED – Spawn kill from EXT Construction on House rework.
  • FIXED – Various clipping issues on maps.
  • FIXED – Various LOD issues on maps.
  • FIXED – Various map asset issues.

User Experience

  • FIXED – CPU Load displays 0% in the new advanced benchmark results report.
  • FIXED – Various minor cosmetic and shop UI fixes.
  • FIXED – Various minor cosmetic and shop UI fixes.
  • Bugfixes from May 21 are also back with this update.

Known Issues

  • Doors and doorframes have extruding surfaces when they should be flat for better consistency.
  • Y5S2 Operators can be banned on the TS.
  • Missing sound in support mode and observation tools.
  • AK12 reload animation and audio are out of sync.
  • M4 reload animation and audio are slightly out of sync.
  • The Discovery playlist is missing a name on some UI elements in the main menu.
  • Defuser can be planted on the edge of the hatch in 2F Master Bedroom of House.
  • Operator Models glow lightly when viewed from a distance.
  • Shaky weapon sights while ADS when using some Anti-Aliasing settings, optic types, and cardinal camera orientation.
  • Players can get onto the white van in Garage of House.