Rainbow Six devs offering bounty to players who find Clash exploits


Clash has been re-enabled on the Rainbow Six Test Server (TTS), but Ubisoft are still on the hunt to squash all of her bugs, offering a bounty to players who help them fix exploits.

Clash is Siege’s most problematic operator. The only shield operator available on defense, her electricity-firing CCE Shield has been the reason behind many game-breaking exploits since her release in Operation Grim Sky.

She was taken offline again on February 21 for the third time in a year, and in an effort to make sure they don’t have to disable the operator again, Ubisoft is putting a bounty on Clash’s head.

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Ubisoft is employing the community to help them solve all of Clash’s bugs.

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On February 26, the Rainbow Six developers announced that players who find Clash exploits on the TTS will be rewarded with a bounty for their efforts.

The conditions of the bounty are pretty strict, but allow Ubisoft to make sure all current bugs involving the glitched operator are actually removed from the game. Players have to report exploits on the R6Fix website, and must be related to Clash’s CCE Shield.

The bug has to be new, and the player report needs to have a full step-by-step description and video proof so devs can recreate it easily. It also needs to be on the latest TTS update, pushed on Feb 26, or newer, with a visible version ID.

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Recently fixed bugs, including friendly operators clipping through her shield to shoot from safety, will not be eligible for bounty hunting unless a new method is found.

Players will have about a week ⁠— until March 3 ⁠— to find as many Clash bugs as they can to get the Frost Raptor Leg charm. If players find multiple bugs, or already own the charm, they’ll receive an “additional surprise” from Ubisoft, although what that surprise is remains unclear.

The R6Fix Bug Hunter Program has helped Ubisoft squash thousands of bugs, with over 7,000 reports since its release in April 2019. However, the Clash bounty goes above and beyond what Ubisoft usually offer to bug hunters.

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The Rainbow Six Bug Hunter program has helped fix thousands of bugs.

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If you want to jump onto the bug hunting train, be sure to download Rainbow Six’s TTS client, which is separate from the live client. As an added bonus, you’ll also be able to try out the new operators, Iana and Oryx, as Operation Void Edge is currently live on the test server.

It’s unclear as to when Clash will be re-enabled on the live servers, but with players working around the clock to discover exploits, it shouldn’t be long.