MNM Gaming CEO proposes to girlfriend through FaceTime on stage at Six Major

MNM Gaming CEO Kalvin Chung proposed to his girlfriend on FaceTime live in front of thousands of fans at the Six Major Berlin — and it went surprisingly well.

Over the last few weeks, 16 of the best Rainbow Six Siege teams from around the world have gathered in Berlin to compete in the Six Major.

So far, thousands have tuned into the event to watch the best Rainbow Six action there is. However, the lucky few attending in person caught a glimpse of something special.

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an image of Rainbow Six Berlin Major 2022Ubisoft

MNM Gaming was among the 16 teams qualified for the Six Major, and following the semi-finals matchup between Rogue and XSET, organization owner and CEO Kalvin Chung made a bold move.

Kalvin was on stage with host and presenter Iain Chambers where he then FaceTimed his girlfriend. It was then he made the decision of a lifetime, popping the ultimate question of asking if his girlfriend would marry him.

With hundreds in the audience, the org owner got down on one knee, revealing an engagement ring. “There’s not a lot of things I’m certain about in my life. But, I’m certain that you definitely make me a better person, and I’m certain I want you to be with me for the rest of my life,” he nervously said.

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“So, May, I ask you will you marry me?”

After a few short seconds, his girlfriend said yes, and the crowd erupted with cheers and applause.

It was certainly a risky move to propose on FaceTime, with many believing that a decision as big as this should be done in person. However, it thankfully worked for the newly engaged couple.

Fans definitely didn’t expect to see a proposal on stage in front of them, but it was a surely spectacular moment to experience.

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