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Rainbow Six • Aug 19, 2018

G2 Esports Win $350,000 Rainbow Six Major Paris 2018 - Final Placements

G2 Esports Win $350,000 Rainbow Six Major Paris 2018 - Final Placements

A much anticipated grand final has concluded at the Paris Major between North America and Europe saw the Europeans come out on top, with G2 Esports taking down Evil Geniuses in a 3-0. 

It brought an end to a week long tournament featuring the best sixteen teams from around the globe, competing for a $350,000 prize pool.


G2 had not dropped a map on their run to the grand final, and came in as many people's favorites, but there was no writing off Evil Geniuses.

It was a rematch of the the Rainbow Six Invitational in 2018, where PENTA, the current G2 roster, defeated Evil Geniuses, in a heartbreaking defeat for the North Americans.


G2 took the first map of the grand final, a best of five, winning 6-2 after EG took the early rounds.

The Europeans started stronger in the second map also, in equally convincing fashion with another 6-2, and the map was beginning to look increasingly one sided.

After going down 0-4 in map three, Evil Geniuses called a tactical pause to discuss what was going wrong in this potential final map if they couldn't bounce back.


But it wasn't to be for the North Americans, ad G2 closed out yet another map with a 6-2 win, becoming the first ever Six Major champions.

Rainbow Six Major Paris Final Placements

PlaceTeamCash Prize
1G2 Esports$ 150,000
2Evil Geniuses$ 55,000 
3-4Team Secret$ 25,000 
3-4Rogue$ 25,000 
5/8Team Vitality$ 12,500
5/8Millenium$ 12,500
5/8Ninjas in Pyjamas$ 12,500
5/8Obey Alliance$ 12,500
9/12PET Nora Rengo$ 7,500 
9/12Fnatic$ 7,500 
9/12Element Mystic$ 7,500 
9/12FaZe Clan$ 7,500 
13/16Team Liquid$ 4,000
13/16Mock-It Esports$ 4,000
13/16Immortals$ 4,000
13/16OrgLess$ 4,000

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