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How to get free Twitch Prime Pizza Party Mozzie uniform for Rainbow Six

Published: 25/Mar/2020 5:50

by Andrew Amos


It’s finally here ⁠— the absolutely ludicrous Pizza Party Mozzie uniform for Rainbow Six: Siege is now available as the last of the Twitch Prime drops for the tactical shooter, for now. Here’s how you can get it for free.

The Pizza Party Mozzie set isn’t something you’d typically associate with Rainbow Six. While fun uniforms, like the April Fools 2019 set, have featured in the game in the past, for the most part in-game cosmetics are pretty cut and dry.

However, because of that, it’s been a massive hit in the community. The Pizza Party set adds a bit of color to the game, and might even distract your enemies in a gunfight. If you were keen to get your hands on the skin, we’ve got a way you can get it for free, if you’re lucky.


Mozzie riding dirtback in outback
Mozzie is taking up pizza delivering as a part-time job.

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How to unlock Pizza Party Mozzie for free using Twitch Prime

If you’re subscribed to Twitch Prime already, it’s super easy to claim your free Pizza Party Mozzie skin.

You just need to navigate to the Prime rewards page, and select the Rainbow Six offer. Click on the Mozzie skin, and it’ll be unlocked on the Uplay account linked to your Twitch account.

If you are unsure as to whether your Uplay account is linked to your Twitch one, you can check through the Connections tab in your Uplay settings. It will not show the connection through your Twitch one, so be mindful of this.


Also, make sure the right account is linked if you play on multiple platforms, as the offer can only be redeemed for one platform per account.

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If you don’t have Twitch Prime, you can sign-up for a free trial if you haven’t in the past. You get a month’s access to the benefits program ⁠— which entitles you to plenty of rewards on top of free in-game content ⁠— before having to sign-up for $12.99 a month at the end.

The hefty price tag is because Amazon and Twitch were recently bundled together, so you get the benefits of both programs in one package.


This is only applicable to the United States. If you live internationally, Twitch Prime can still be purchased individually. Be sure to check when you sign up after you select your region.

If you see this page, you’re in the right place.

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While you are at it, be sure to capitalize on the other rewards available if you play more than just Siege. FIFA, Apex Legends, GTA, and more franchises have rewards linked with Twitch Prime, and you can claim as many as you want.

You’ll have until April 24 to claim the Pizza Party Mozzie skin. No more Rainbow Six rewards have been touted for future months, but we will keep you updated if a new bundle is introduced.