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Evil Geniuses announce departure from Rainbow Six Siege

Published: 16/Apr/2020 0:04

by Alan Bernal


World-renowned esports organization Evil Geniuses announced their departure from the Rainbow Six Siege competitive landscape on April 15 moments after it was revealed they wouldn’t participate in the R6 Pro League.

As one of the most exciting teams in R6, the news came as a shock to fans and rival competitors alike. The North American org said they were exiting the esport due to their “grand plans for world domination now [moving them] in a different direction.”

“Today we say farewell to Rainbow Six Siege as we exit the game,” EG announced. They added: “We are extremely grateful to all of our players for their hard work and are proud of the success they brought to Evil Geniuses and their true embodiment of the #LIVEEVIL lifestyle.”

According to notable insider known as ‘R6Leakers,’ EG’s decision came after a standstill with Pro League organizers, who asked the team to relocate from their home base in Seattle to Las Vegas for the upcoming season.

With EG unwilling to bend and Ubisoft continuing with their plans for the 2020 NAPL season, the org chose to step back from the scene.

Without a team in the R6 Pro League, Evil Geniuses are working to move their lineup consisting of Nathan ‘nvK’ Valenti, Austin ‘Yung’ Trexler, Ammar ‘Necrox’ Albanna, Morquis ‘Modigga’ Hribar and Julio ‘Spades’ Cesar.

After everything was made official, team captain nvK spoke out against Ubisoft for the direction they’re taking R6 esports as a whole.

“This is in no way anyone’s fault but Ubi’s,” nvK said. “Big organizations are the reason this game has so much success and why the esports scene has grown so much. They’re chasing the big organizations away and this is the most vague statement to try and clean up the mess they made.”

More teams are becoming increasingly uninterested in fielding a Rainbow Six team in light of the recent changes, according to nvK.

This development comes a day after Luminosity Gaming player Kian ‘Hyena’ Mozayani accused Ubisoft of excluding his org from the upcoming restructured Pro League, a move that’s now been made official.

The core of the EG team has seen incredible success throughout the years. In 2018, EG had the largest target on their backs seeing as they took the top prize at Pro League Season 8 and the OGA PIT Season 1, while getting second place at the Six Major in Paris after falling to the G2 army.

Since the members of the squad plan on staying together even after EG’s decision, they’ll be a major free agent bundle for prospective orgs to immediately field a competitive Rainbow Six team.

Rainbow Six

Rainbow 6 team admits to throwing match for better Major seed

Published: 22/Oct/2020 16:41

by Jacob Hale


The coach of Rainbow 6 Siege team CYCLOPS athlete gaming has admitted to throwing a competitive match to secure a better seed for the upcoming Six Major, sending the R6 community into frenzy.

With the Six Major coming up in November, the world’s best Rainbow Six Siege teams are looking to secure their spots in the tournament to compete for hundreds of thousands of dollars.

This is especially important in the lead-up to the annual Six Invitational, which takes place each February and crowns the best team there is as world champions.

Now, though, over in the Asia-Pacific region, the coach of top team CYCLOPS athlete gaming has admitted to throwing one of their matches.

Rainbow 6 APAC CYCLOPS athlete gaming
Rainbow 6 APAC
The CAG team might be punished after their coach as good as admitted to throwing a pro match.

Though his original tweet has now been deleted, head coach Hibiki ‘XQQ’ Motoyama let it be known that he and his team of top Japanese talent played poorly in their match against QConfirm, with the seeding system the reason.

With the way seeding works in the APAC League, teams earn points based on where they finish in the final standings, and CYCLOPS were looking to lock in as high a seed as possible — and by doing so, they couldn’t let Cloud9 overtake QConfirm in the standings.

For that reason, it seems XQQ and his team opted to throw their match against QConfirm, preventing Cloud9 from finishing above them and earning more points, hence keeping Cyclops’ higher seed.

Although the points system seems excessively convoluted, with fans calling it into question thanks to it allowing these kinds of matches to be thrown, CYCLOPS had obviously done the math and figured that their spot was safest with a loss.

The coach later Tweeted: “worst day of my competitive career so far,” and intimated that it would be his last ever match.

Perhaps, were it not for XQQ admitting to it so brazenly, the team may have gotten away with it. However, the Operator picks and style of play definitely made some viewers raise their eyebrows.

Despite no punishment being formally handed out yet, or any suggestion from Ubisoft and league operators on how they might treat this situation, it’s not looking great for XQQ and co. We’ll be sure to update this article as and when there are new developments.