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F1 2020 1.07 patch notes: Schumacher DLC, gameplay updates, more

Published: 11/Aug/2020 10:34

by Kieran Bicknell


The latest patch for Codemaster’s F1 2020 game was released last night, bringing with it numerous bug fixes, updates, and even some new DLC in support of the Keep Fighting Foundation. 

Patch 1.07 for the F1 2020 game was released last night to PC users, with other platforms expected to receive the patch later this week.


The patch appears to address a number of frustrating issues that had made themselves known in the game, such as players incorrectly being incorrectly offered a 0-stop strategy during a race that requires at least 1 pitstop, along with a number of other bug fixes, improvements, and a new DLC pack.

f1 2020 patch 1.07 updatePatch 1.07 brings a number of bug fixes, gameplay improvements and new DLC to the game

Bug fixes in patch 1.07

Patch 1.07 for F1 2020 fixes a number of little, yet annoying, issues that have been plaguing the game up until this latest update.


The most notable is the removal of players being incorrectly offered a 0-stop strategy in a race that requires at least 1 pit stop.

Alongside this, patch 1.07 also addresses crashes caused when accessing mail resulting from changes within leagues, as well as fixing a crash bug that could occur while spectating a multiplayer race.

Everyone’s favorite engineer Jeff will also now give the correct Championship standings information during a race.


Gameplay Updates in patch 1.07

Patch 1.07 also brings with it a number of gameplay updates, which will likely come as a relief to hardcore fans of the F1 gaming franchise.

Players will now not be penalized for passing the safety car on the pit lane entrance/exit, nor can they overtake the safety car once it is ready to return to the pit lane since the patch went live.

Should the player be eliminated in Q1, parc ferme rules will now be applied correctly, resulting in serious limitations to the setup changes available to the player.


F2 has received a number of large updates in the latest patch too; The sprint race grid in F2 will now always correctly reflect the result from the feature race, while F2 races in Vietnam will now be the correct number of laps.

Alongside these major updates, there are also small tweaks courtesy of this latest patch. These include an improvement of the splitscreen resolution, removal of player two’s ability to change race strategy for P1 in splitscreen, and the addition of brake boards at turn 12 in Brazil.

F1 2020 Patch Keep Fighting Foundation DLCPatch 1.07 also included the addition of the Keep Fighting Foundation DLC, including a new livery seen here

Keep Fighting Foundation DLC pack

Included with the latest update is the all-new Keep Fighting Foundation DLC pack, inspired by the legendary Michael Schumacher.

The DLC includes premium items that can be purchased in-game such as a new car livery, podium emotes, and clothing.

Proceeds from the sales of this DLC pack will go directly to the Keep Fighting Foundation.

Lee Mather, F1 franchise game director at Codemasters says: “It was an honor for the studio for focus on Michael’s record-breaking F1 career for the F1 2020 Deluxe Schumacher Edition.”

“We are equally proud to support the Keep Fighting Foundation. Many of our players regard Michael as the greatest of all time, and we know the exclusive items will prove incredibly popular.”

F1 2020 patch 1.07 patch notes:

  • Keep Fighting Foundation DLC pack is now available.

  • Addressed a crash when accessing mail resulting from changes within leagues

  • Addressed a crash that could be seen when spectating a multiplayer race

  • Splitscreen resolution has been increased

  • In splitscreen mode, player two will no longer change the race strategy for player ones when editing their own

  • Player will no longer be offered an incorrect 0 stop strategy alternative during a race that requires a pit stop

  • Jeff will now give the correct Championship Standings information during a race

  • Brake boards are now present at turn 12 at Brazil

  • F1 cars use the players chosen number in multiplayer

  • Career modes will now progress correctly when Simulating races with Formation Lap turned on

  • Fixed a performance issue when running Steam in offline mode

  • In unranked other players will no longer be seen to be given points after failing to finish a race

  • Purple fastest lap times are now easier to read on the race results

  • Improvements to the item preview images so they’re higher resolution

  • Glove textures have been improved under certain conditions on track where they were previously appearing lower resolution

  • Players will no longer be penalized for overtaking the safety car in a pit lane entrance or exit

  • Players can no longer overtake the safety car once it is ready to return to the pit lane

  • F2 sprint race grid will always correctly reflect the result from the feature race

  • Updated a number of F2 lap records

  • F2 Races in Vietnam are now the correct number of laps

  • If the player is eliminated in qualifying 1 parc ferme rules will now correctly apply

  • After a formation lap time gaps will now be shown correctly

  • Addressed an issue where all participants in a weekly event would not be awarded points

  • Nationality flag is now correctly displayed on Mercedes race suits

  • Various other stability and bug fixes


Supercar Blondie reaches insane Facebook milestone

Published: 7/Oct/2020 17:05 Updated: 7/Oct/2020 17:10

by Kieran Bicknell


YouTuber and presenter Supercar Blondie is one of the best-known car YouTubers out there. Now, she has smashed all previous records and broken an important Facebook milestone.

With a cool 4.65 million subscribers on her YouTube channel alone, Supercar Blondie has made a name for herself as one of YouTube’s best automotive content creators.


Earlier in 2020, SB made headlines after amassing an incredible number of Facebook views, reaching over one billion views in the month of August alone.

Now, it seems that the ‘Supercar Blondie Family’ is only set to grow even bigger, after an incredible announcement via her YouTube channel and Instagram feeds.

Supercar Blondie with McLaren Speedtail
Instagram: @Supercarblondie
Supercar Blondie has made a name for herself as one of the biggest automotive YouTubers on the planet.

Supercar Blondie hits 30 million Facebook followers

In spite of her massive following on YouTube, her biggest audience is actually on Facebook.

With her incredible viewing figures for August 2020 still at the forefront of her mind, Blondie has revealed another exciting piece of news in the development of her brand. As of October 6, 2020, she now has over 30 million followers on her Facebook page.

“Wow wow wow! If you follow me on Facebook as well, thank you! The Supercar Blondie family just grew to 30 million! Insta fam next. Much love guys; Come join us and see why we get a billion views a month!”


Clearly not content with hitting a cool 30 million Facebook followers, she states that it’s the “Insta fam next.”

Blondie still has a long way to go on her Instagram page, however, as it currently sits at around seven million followers. Impressive, but that’s a whopping 23 million behind her Facebook page, so it might take a while to catch up.

With her recent successes — including being crowned the richest car influencer on YouTube — it’s been one heck of a year for Supercar Blondie. We can’t wait to see what she has in store for the remaining months of 2020.