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Shroud explains why he might quit Apex Legends “forever” and play PUBG instead

Published: 16/Apr/2019 9:15 Updated: 16/Apr/2019 15:05

by Calum Patterson


Despite a massive launch period which had almost every big name streamer playing, Apex Legends will need to make changes if it wants to keep one of its most famous players, Michael ‘shroud‘ Grzesiek, interested.

Shroud, formerly a professional CS:GO player, turned to full-time streaming when he saw his channel’s boost in popularity alongside the growth of PUBG, a rival battle royale title.


Since then, battle royale’s have been his go-to games when streaming, and when Apex Legends launched, he was pulling in more concurrent viewers than anyone else consistently for around its first month after launch.

Respawn EntertainmentApex Legends is stuck in the mud, with laggy servers and lack of content turning some players away.

Apex Legends suffers a downward trend

As with any game, the initial hype begins to wane, but for Apex Legends, at least on Twitch, the big names were simply not playing it as much, and for shroud, not at all for a number of weeks.


After his major scooter accident, he dabbled back into PUBG and survival game Escape from Tarkov. Although many of his viewers were asking for more Apex, shroud seemed almost entirely disinterested.

On April 15, he finally hopped back into King’s Canyon, but ‘slow-mo’ servers, and the lack of content added since he last played, left shroud even less convinced than before: “I’ve got about three games left before I quit this game forever.”

“I’d rather play PUBG – and that’s saying something,” shroud explained, confirming that even with all its issues PUBG is in a better state than Respawn’s battle royale currently.


It didn’t take long for shroud’s opinion to be vindicated, as the very next game was plagued by a so-called ‘slow-mo’ bug – where the entire match is running at less than 100% speed for a time.

“Oh sweet, we got another laggy server? Wow, shocker! Shocker Apex Legends Respawn EA developers!”

Discussing why Apex hasn’t managed to retain his interest, shroud agrees that one ‘big patch’ might bring people back who have perhaps moved on.


Is Apex Legends lacking in new content?

Respawn Entertainment have promised more content in the future, but since launch on February 4, only one new weapon and one new legend have been added, and the cosmetic content in the battle pass left many players underwhelmed too.

The map itself also remains entirely unchanged since release, and there’s no indication that changes or even a new map are planned.


Respawn also have their concentration split, as the recently announced Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order is releasing in November, and so the studio may be entering ‘crunch time’ for that launch too.

Apex Legends

Apex Legends Evo shields are being nerfed again in Season 7

Published: 8/Oct/2020 1:12 Updated: 8/Oct/2020 1:28

by Alan Bernal


The Evo Shields in Apex Legends are set for another balance update that could come in Season 7, as Respawn are still fine-tuning how the armor upgrades to its max level.

Respawn brought the Evo Shields in the System Override patch in March, then made them a staple in the battle royale later on. Ever since then, the studio has been trying to find the right balance with the armor and its scaling defense as the game continues.


As for the studio, the hunt for that equilibrium to the item will continue as Respawn Game Designer Daniel Z. Klein indicated that players could have an increased damage threshold to hit before getting a fully evolved shield.

This change is still in the implementation phases, however, since Respawn need to tinker with the game’s networking to actually bring in the patch.

Respawn Entertainment
The Evo Armor values for max level will change, most likely in Season 7.

“We have a change planned for red Evo Shields for patch 7.0, but it required a little networking work (don’t ask; game dev is dumb) so we couldn’t ship it in 6.1,” Klein responded to a player who noticed there weren’t any changes to the shields in the Aftermarket update. “The plan is to increase the damage required to go to Red.”

At the time of writing, the Evo Shields need 500 damage inflicted to reach max level. That requirement is going to change, although the developer gave no indication for how much.

Complaints about the gear stem from how many people seem to have a fully upgraded Evo early in games.


Though this could be attributed to the typical gunfight fiestas that happen at any major POI after dropping into the Arena, the problem is going to get a closer look within the studio.

There’s no word if there will also be a change to the armor max Evo Shields provide, but it’s not likely since Respawn tuned that not too long ago when Season 6 started.

In any case, the company is hoping the next round of changes will leave Apex Legends in a healthier state as it concerns the popular Evo Shields in the game.