Shroud explains how a PUBG sequel could draw him back to the game

Alex Tsiaoussidis
Shroud PUBGWikimedia Commons / PUBG Corporation

In response to his viewers, Shroud explained how the rumored PUBG sequel could draw him back to the game and even mentioned some of the ways it can improve on the first. 

PUBG was the number one battle royale once upon a time. However, nobody loved it more than Michael ‘shroud’ Grzesiek. He played it for hours upon hours, farming lobbies and racking up the chicken dinners.

Its success lasted a while. But in time, the game became increasingly stale and was eventually knocked off its perch. Shroud’s persisted with it longer than most, but eventually, he stopped playing it too.

However, that doesn’t mean he’s done with it forever. In December 2020, Shroud mentioned that some fundamental changes could bring him back. Unfortunately, those changes haven’t happened yet. But there are rumors that a sequel is in the works, and if it’s done right, Shroud believes it could draw him back. 

shroud twitch streamTwitch: Shroud
Shroud used to play PUBG all the time but moved on after the game became stale.

The discussion started when a viewer asked him about the potential sequel. “Isn’t there a rumored PUBG 2? I hope so,” he said. “If they just let that game die with that game, that’d be pretty depressing.”

“It would make no sense not to try to milk it for more money and make another game,” he added. “It literally makes no sense. You have to do it. That game was too big at its peak to not milk it for more.”

Shortly after, it escalated into a more in-depth conversation about how it can be improved. “How can they improve PUBG in a sequel? I really think the only way to improve PUBG s to treat it as a community game,” he said. “Have community tools. Have map tools. Have custom servers. Have custom game modes that people can create everything.”

“I don’t think PUBG can really do much more besides giving their community tools to make their game explode,” he added. “I literally think that’s the only thing they can do. I’m telling you, it would be the number one game. It would literally be the number one game right now if they did that. It would be so easy.”

If the developers implemented some community-based changes, it would draw Shroud and other streamers back to the game. 

But more importantly, it would draw millions of other players, too, and potentially make the game a powerhouse once again.