Shroud blasts new PUBG throwables update - “A two-year-old put it together!“’

by square1


Twitch star Michael ‘shroud’ Grzesiek might be a PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds pro but that doesn’t mean he can’t criticize the game, with his latest roast involving changes to the throwables interface.

The change came with the Update 29 patch, which also introduced a handful of other changes such as a second Vikendi map rebalance, tactical map markers, and minimap improvements.

Shroud first noticed the updated throwables interface while waiting for a game to load in Vikendi, saying, “Woah, that’s new, what the fuck is this thing? Is it showing I have a ‘nade in my hand basically? That is weird looking.”

shroud dislikes the way the interface looks.

The former CS:GO pro then figures out how to change the interface to display over and under throws and fiddles around with the UI while the clock ticks down, before finally stating, “I feel like they could have made this look a little bit better. This looks like a fucking two-year-old put it together.”

To his credit, the change is a simple one and maybe could have been designed better, but it does the job.

He is impressed by the loot increase, though

Later in the stream, shroud is seen running around in Vikendi again, this time exploring a large building.

“Man, there’s so much loot, what the fuck?” he exclaims, seemingly happy with the addition of more loot to the map, “This is definitely increased, right? This is fucking crazy.”

The update added a ton of loot.

From M24s to painkillers and first aid kits, there are items scattered absolutely everywhere, making it a looter’s paradise.

“This is crazy, there’s loot everywhere! Jesus Christ, another Kar98, painkillers, fucking Jesus more painkillers,” he says, visibly shocked at how much stuff is available for the taking.

If it’s one thing PUBG needed, it’s more loot so the update is understandably a big hit with players and streamers alike, making it a more enjoyable experience for everyone.