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PUBG devs explain decision behind major gameplay changes in PUBG update 27

Published: 28/Mar/2019 14:06 Updated: 28/Mar/2019 14:40

by Paul Cot


PUBG update 27 has brought an array of gameplay changes in an attempt to re-balance the game. Now, the developers have explained the reason behind those tweaks.

PUBG development changes

The devs have stated that these gameplay changes will be a quarterly occurrence. Interestingly, they will be pretty substantial. The most recent dev letter states: “Our goal is to release a pretty major balance patch roughly once per quarter.”

This appears to be an attempt to prevent the game from going stale. PUBG has been released in full since March 2017, so it makes sense that keeping the game fresh is a priority for the PUBG developers.

It could also be part of a strategy overhaul whereby PUBG are acknowledging the fierce competition from Fortnite, Apex Legends, Blackout and most recently Firestorm.

The original PUBG creator, Brendan Greene, has left the PUBG development team to start a new project, also. This further suggests PUBG might be applying a new strategical plan.

PUBGPUBG have made changes to loot spawns on Erangel…

What gameplay changes have been made?

Various changes have been to the PUBG gameplay mechanics in an attempt to keep the game evolving.

Aim punch reduction

Aim punch, the degree to which your aim is thrown off when being hit, has been reduced by roughly 50%. This will result in a greater ability to win gun fights despite taking the first bullet.

This step has been taken because feedback from players was showing just how much of an effect aim punch was having in gun fights.

Attachment changes and spawn rates

Redundant attachments such as pistol quickdraws and shotgun bullet loops have been scattered over the PUBG maps. This change, which is perhaps long overdue, will mean pistol and SMG attachments can be shared.

Moreover, bullet loops will be combined into one attachment, this means they can be attached to both shotguns and the Kar98k. Finding this type of attachment should now be much easier, especially when you need it on your Kar98k

Elsewhere, AR and SR attachments will now have increased spawns. This means you’ll be able to fully deck out your gun of choice with greater ease. This was changed in response to their being a poor pick up rate of the previous loot distribution.

The ammo for the UMP and Vector have been switched around…

Weapon damage

Changes to weapons have also been made, they are as follows:

  • SMG damage to limbs increased, meaning they are now more effective close-range
  • Vector and UMP switched around – vector now has 31 bullets in default magazine
  • Added stock attachment to both M16A4 and AK mutant – this improves its effectiveness in close quarter combat

The reasoning behind these changes is to make the vector a more usable weapon without an extended mag. Additionally, players were picking up assault rifles instead of SMGs because their effectiveness at short range wasn’t much worse than SMGs.


The PUBG healing process has been slightly prolonged. This has been implemented to encourage attacking play whereby if you hurt an enemy, it will be easier to push them.

Specifically, first aid kits will restore the same health but won’t get to the 75% point until two seconds after the timer.

Gameplay changes such as these in PUBG will always divide opinion. The development team have made it clear they will monitoring feedback for future PUBG updates.


Blatant PUBG cheater gets banned by a dev live on Twitch

Published: 22/Nov/2020 0:33

by Alan Bernal


A known cheater in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds managed to get hit by the banhammer while he was streaming live on Twitch, creating a wave of cheers among community members.

The Twitch account under question goes by the name of ‘vesprine,’ but the player himself is widely known in PUBG lobbies and online communities for perpetually making new accounts just to use cheats.

“He keeps resurfacing. Same guy over and over. He tries to join Plausible and gets insta-banned,” Reddit user ‘The-Basic-Bro’ said. “He needs a hardware ban at this point. He legitimately cheats non-stop… He has joined looking for squad groups on Reddit and the last two times I have called him out and disgraced him and had him banned.”

While some players want to see more stringent action taken against the player, PUBG Community Manager who goes by ‘Hawkinz’ did his part to stymie the cheater’s effect on the game.

PUBG has come a long way since its launch, but hackers have still been a major problem.

During one of his streams, the player had resurfaced to show off more PUBG gameplay supplemented by the use of in-game hacks.

In the middle of his broadcast, he got a notification in PUBG that read: “Restricted Account – Your session will be terminated due to use of hacks.” Though not much has survived the Twitch account since he was banned, a screengrab by user ‘701dirty’ immortalized Hawkinz’s incredible response as the moment played out.

According to 701Dirty, the ban happened shortly after over a hundred people clipped and reported the streamer while he was playing.

“A few hours later over 100 people clipping and (saying) they got one of his accounts,” 701Dirty wrote. “I saw him have two accounts banned after matches and he tried logging into several already banned accounts… crazy.”

Cheater banned in real time from PUBATTLEGROUNDS

Since its launch, PUBG’s servers have been swarming with hackers that have put a damper on the once-dominant battle royale.

The developers have issued multiple ban waves since the game’s launch in 2017, but are still combating the prevalence of cheaters years later.

Unfortunately, unless more meaningful action against PUBG’s hackers is taken, players like vesprine are going to continue to ruin matches, get banned, then reappear under another name.