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PUBG drop new Season 4 trailer sharing clues of new storyline

Published: 24/Jul/2019 15:34 Updated: 24/Jul/2019 16:02

by Paul Cot


PlayerUnknown’s Battlgrounds Season 4 is now live on PC and PUBG have dropped yet another video hinting at a new storyline on top of a battle royale.

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Players have long been wondering if there is any reason as to why 100 people drop on an inhabited island and fight to the death until one remains, for quite some time. PUBG had previously dropped a cinematic trailer on July 16, hinting at a intricate backstory of Erangel, and it was met with almost unanimous praise leaving players intrigued to find out more.

New trailer, new clues

Now, PUBG have released another video, suggesting again that a narrative for the communist wasteland is coming soon. The trailer begins with the scene of an underground basement with pictures on the wall and various places around Erangel circled in red.


PUBGSome interesting clues as to what Erangel’s backstory is lie in random basements…
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There’s also a picture of an old man, who appears in other places around Erangel too. This could well be PlayerUnknown himself and the man who watches the battle royale action unfold from behind his desk.

The trailer then moves onto a team entering the Mansion area only to be camped by another squad of four, who are lying down in the fountain. (No team in the history of PUBG plays like that, but let’s go with it!)

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Battles ensue across the map before we get a glance at a previously unseen bunker, which appears to be in the woodlands between Mylta and Prison. This might also have something to do with the story of the popular map. 


PUBG developers don’t reveal too much though and you’ll have to play it yourself to find out the secrets of Erangel. That, or watch a YouTube video spoiling all of them for you, we know they’re out there.

PUBGA new bunker in Erangel?
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Erangel is PUBG’s moneymaker

On top of the storyline itself though, the PUBG development team have listened to feedback and have realised that Erangel is most player’s favorite map.

“This new season is heavily influenced by Erangel,” said TS Jang, Executive Producer of PUBG. “An updated take on our classic map, it features new complexes, improved graphics and surprises for fans who want to know more about the island.”


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Once considered a game on a steep decline in popularity, PUBG has revived itself and is now more hyped than any time it has been since it was initially released.