PUBG Nations Cup team rosters and exclusive in-game item revealed

PUBG Corporation

PUBG has released the team rosters for the upcoming Nations Cup tournament in August and teased an exclusive in-game item and skin.

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The Nations Cup will bring teams from around the world to compete for their share of the tournament’s $500,000 prize pool in Seoul, South Korea August 9-11.

With August coming right up, PUBG has revealed the final teams for each of the participating nations in the tournament and given players info on some exclusive Nations Cup loot.

PUBG CorporationPUBG is giving players to chance to buy this limited time pan skin during the tournament.
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How to get the exclusive Nations Cup skin

PUBG is offering fans the chance to get in on the Nations Cup action with an exclusive, limited-time pan skin only available for the tournament.

The limited-edition pan skin is debossed with the Nations Cup logo and available for players to purchase for $9.99 (£8.05) from July 31 to August 14.

PUBG CorporationThe 2019 Nations Cup brings together teams from 16 different countries.
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What are the teams?

There are a total of 16 countries competing in the 2019 Nations Cup from all over the world, with the majority of North American players coming from the National PUBG League (NPL).

The full list of national teams and their final rosters for the 2019 Nations Cup can be found below:

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  • Team Argentina 
    • ernzxr from BitLoft Esports
    • SzylzEN from BitLoft Esports
    • RiboxD from Team Singularity
    • p0me from Team Singularity
    • Piantaos Gaming’s Patt will serve as head coach for Argentina
  • Team Australia 
    • luke12 from Athletico
    • Zoidm8 from Athletico
    • Insight from Incognito
    • Jouxy from Incognito
    • Team Immunity’s Nutshot will serve as head coach for Australia
  • Team Brazil 
    • rogiwOw from Espada do Rei
    • Rdnx from FURIA Esports
    • and1FPS from Red Canids Kalunga
    • rustyzera from Red Canids Kalunga
    • Black Dragons’ Nananga will serve as head coach for Brazil
  • Team Canada:
    • Kaymind from Cloud9
    • DrasseL from Ghost Gaming
    • Meluke from Tempo Storm
    • Moody from Team Envy
    • Lazarus’ didz will serve as coach for Canada
  • Team China
    • GODV from Four Angry Men 
    • Summer from VC Gaming
    • Mad98 from ARK.GAME TEAM 
    • Dec12th from Black Ananas
    • AMY Spacetime’s Cameal will serve as head coach for China
  • Team Finland 
    • Sambty from Team Liquid
    • Tiikzu from Winstrike
    • mxey from Faze Clan
    • Jembty from Team Liquid
    • ENCE’s Skuijke will serve as head coach for Finland

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  • Team Germany 
    • UdyrMayFire from G2 Esports
    • Caint from G2 Esports
    • Braexco from G2 Esports
    • ItzzchrizZ from G2 Esports
    • ALTERNATE aTTaX’s CupofMagic will serve as head coach for Germany
  • Team Japan 
    • Dep from Crest Gaming Xanadu
    • CiNVe from SunSister Suicider’s
    • SSeeS from DetonatioN Gaming White
    • gabha from SunSister Suicider’s
    • DMM GAMES will serve as head coach for Japan
  • Team Russia 
    • ADOUZ1E from Natus Vincere
    • ubah from Faze Clan
    • ceh9 from Natus Vincere
    • Kemba7 from CrowCrowd
    • Reciprocity’s Dyrem will serve as head coach for Russia
  • Team South Korea 
    • Pio from Gen.G
    • Inonix from DPG danawa
    • Loki from Gen.G
    • Aqua5 from DeToNator
    • Gen.G’s SeungHu Bae will serve as head coach for South Korea
  • Team Thailand 
    • Thanawat from Armory Gaming
    • DUCKMANZ from Armory Gaming
    • MinORu from MiTH
    • shippyS from Tokio Striker
    • MiTH’s Voo will serve as head coach for Thailand
  • Team Turkey 
    • Mertgungor from Digital Athletics
    • ABeautifulDeath from Digital Athletics
    • SIXMO from Digital Athletics
    • Iroh from Digital Athletics
    • Digital Athletics’ Dr1LL will serve as head coach for Turkey

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  • Team United Kingdom  
    • Realzx from Pittsburgh Knights
    • mykLe from Team SoloMid
    • vard from Ninjas in Pyjamas
    • MiracU from Ninjas in Pyjamas
    • Tempo Storm’s microstar will serve as head coach for United Kingdom  
  • Team USA
    • Sharky from Tempo Storm
    • Zanpah from Tempo Storm
    • Valliate from SpaceStation Gaming
    • Bahawaka from SpaceStation Gaming
    • Ghost Gaming’s Jabroni will serve as coach for USA
  • Team Vietnam 
    • Sapauu from Sky Gaming Daklak
    • Nhism from Refund Gaming
    • Leviz from Divine Esports
    • BAsill from Cerberus Esports
    • Refund Gaming’s DjChip will serve as head coach for Vietnam 
  • Team Chinese Taipei  
    • SR from ahq eSports Club
    • ChiaWei1031 from GEX
    • Milk from ahq eSports Club
    • Leo from MP5
    • Ahq eSports Club’s AfteR will serve as head coach for Chinese Taipei