PUBG Mobile Update 0.6 Includes First Person POV, New Progression System and Weapon Skins

Mike Kent. Last updated: May 20, 2022

Mobile update 0.6.0 launched for PlayerUnknown’s BattleGrounds on the evening of Monday June 18th, bringing a whole host of new features.

The mobile port of the popular battle royale title has been praised by industry experts, offering a like for like experience to that on PC. However, one area that it was missing was first person, with only third person available since launch.

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That all changed on June 18th when a first-person option was officially added to the mobile game, alongside a whole host of new features, including the new ‘Royale Pass’.

Users on both Android and iOS can now carry a pistol in a third slot, use a variable zoom on an 8x scope, skins for weapons, emotes and a whole lot more.

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The Royale Pass comes in both free and payable options, and essentially allows players to rank up to unlock different skins, emotes and clothing items.

The PUBG mobile team released the following video to explain the changes in detail.

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The first person mode is something that players have been requesting for some time, and it appears to deliver a very similar experience to that on PC.

It’s only currently available in in ‘Classic’ mode, but even when in first person, parachuting and driving will return to third person.

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Another video was released by the PUBG Mobile team to show the new features. Please note based on our experience, the video uploaded by the PUBG team on first person features slightly different menus to the actual update.