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PUBG BATTLEGROUNDS Patch 12.2 Update: New 8×8 Taego map, Comeback BR

Published: 15/Jul/2021 15:17 Updated: 21/Jul/2021 16:14

by Lauren Bergin


PUBG’s highly anticipated Patch 12.2 is set to shake the game to its core. With a new 8v8 map called Taego as the highlight, we’ve broken down everything coming in the new update. 

As the PUBG Universe continues to expand, PUBG’s Patch 12.2 seeks to transform the game as we know it. With the addition of the title’s first 8×8 map since the iconic Miramar, there’s a whole host of goodies dropping with this update.

We’ve got a new Surviver Pass, vehicle, weapons – but there’s more! KRAFTON is also introducing the new Comeback BR feature, something that’s set to alter the very fabric of your matches.


Excited yet? Without further ado, let’s jump right into what we can expect from Patch 12.2 in PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS.

PUBG Team Emote
If you’re looking to jump into the new update, grab some friends and get ready to snag that Chicken Dinner!

PUBG’s new 8V8 Map: Taego

Based on the stunning visage of 1980s Korea, Taego makes the past a reality with its stunning views and dusty terrain. Don’t let the ambience fool you, you’ll be battling it out in the cells of Hosan Prison, the map’s notorious penitentiary

For fans looking to take an even deeper dive into the lore behind this interesting new map, KRAFTON are bringing us a live-action short film entitled “Ground Zero.” Featuring Train to Busan’s Don Lee, “Ground Zero” sees one of Hosan’s most infamous prisoners launch a daring escape.


This joins the game’s other short feature, “Mysteries Unknown“, as the second in a series of deep dives into the lore behind the Battlegrounds.

PUBG Patch 12.2 Taego map
Hosan Prison is the newest battleground for players to dominate.

New Feature: Comeback BR

Unique to Taego, the Comeback BR feature will change up how players approach the game. It goes like this: if a player is downed during the first phase of the game, they will respawn during the second phase in a separate area.

Here, they’ll have to duke it out with other fallen players to win a one way trip back into the main battle. Emerge triumphant, and you’ll be parachuting back into the fray in no time to earn that Chicken Dinner.


New item: Self-Revive kit

If you’re sick and tired of having to wait for your teammates to help you if you get downed, then you’re in luck! As part of the new update PUBG will have randomly spawning self-revive kits, which allow you to revive yourself if knocked.

By simply clicking ‘F’ on PC or opening your bag on console, you’ll be able to self-revive. If you’re a single player with a Self-Revive kit, you will get downed instead of immediately dying.

The benefits of this go without saying: one self-revive can make or break a fight, especially if your other teammates are downed and need a helping hand too!


PUBG Patch 12.2 self revive mechanic
Sometimes if you’re going to do it, you’re best doing it yourself!

New weapons: K2 and Mk12

As if the self-revive kit wasn’t music to your ears, there’s two new weapons for players to test out as well!

  • K2: A 556 assault rifle, this terrifying new weapon can utilize all of the game’s attachments. Able to switch between full auto, burst and single fire, this weapon truly is quite the beast.
  • Mk12: A 556 DMR, the Mk12 can use all AR and SR attachments other than stocks.

Both will be available in normal loot all across Taego.

New Vehicle: Hyundai Pony Coupe

A vehicle with both a virtual and real world history, the Hyundai Pony Coupe will let players ride into battle in style. Popularized in 1978, the vehicle can hit speeds up to 150km/h and has great terrain control, making it perfect for covering large distances quickly.

PUBG Patch 12.2 Hyundai Pony Couple new vehicle

New Survival Pass: Taego

Steeped in lore, the Survival Pass: Taego allows players to collect unique rewards and cosmetics that they can flaunt in-game. With 50 levels to grind through, you’ll be snagging a whole lot of loot in the process.


Additionally, a new Contraband Crate featuring some stunning epic and elite weapon skins will accompany the update, so you’ll be able to kit out your character until your heart’s content!

So that’s everything coming in the PUBG BATTLEGROUNDS Patch 12.2 update. If you’re excited to dive in, this update drops on July 7 for PC, and July 15 for console players.

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